Bobbi Kristina Involved in New Controversy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bobbi Kristina made headlines a few weeks ago after she dragged Angela Bassett on Twitter for not casting her in the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic and admitting she didn’t believe Bobbi was a real actress, but now it appears Bobbi may have a new controversy on her hands.

Apparently someone posing as Bobbi started an Instagram account and posted a photo of her hitting a bong and wrote a rather interesting caption too.

In Touch Weekly reports:

bobby kris drama
Accompanying the picture, which has since been deleted, the person claiming to be the 21-year-old wrote, “This picture may be inappropriate but I want to make a connection with you all. Don’t worry this picture isn’t recent just hear me out. Do you know what I feel? I feel strange I can’t feel pain anymore. I don’t take any drugs as of recently. Things just happened. But then there is so situation that force me to do things and the impact I’ll feel pain. I did and I do. I was hurt.

“People kinda expect more from me. But I can’t. I have lost my sense. It just happened. Then here we go again I’m in the same pain. I’m hurt. I’m trying to. I really do. But I know that I’m hurt and in pain but I can feel it but I don’t know what it is. What do I really do? God, help me ignore and rebuke what these demons are saying, in Jesus Name. Amen.”


When Bobbi Kris got wind of the photo making rounds in the media, she tweeted the following:

bobbi kristina twitter


  1. Girl shut up. You’ve already tarnished yourself and made a bad name for yourself. The hell you mean…

  2. SMDH! You would think she would’ve learned from watching both her parents fall, especially her mother.

  3. After what she did to Angela Bassett, I can’t even take this talk of someone else wanting to “tarnish” her image seriously.

  4. Until she tells her Grandmother she is sorry and starts respecting her life will be just what it is.

  5. She may not be behind that IG account but she has already tarnished her own name. I really don’t think she can even come back from all the damage she’s done to herself.

  6. This is really sad. She never had a chance growing up in the environment she did. She obviously needs help.

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