NeNe Leakes Doesn’t Hold Back

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will NeNe and Cynthia make up? NeNe Leakes’ friendship with Cynthia Bailey ended season six of RHOA at the reunion, and both have made it clear in multiple interviews that they don’t think they can ever be friends again.

Cynthia says it’s all because NeNe called her husband Peter Thomas a b*tch, but NeNe proved by posting old text messages on Instagram that they were hanging out well after the whole b*tch situation and she claims Cynthia only made it an issue after the fact to secure a storyline on the hit reality show.

NeNe is apparently still angry about the situation because during her recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” she didn’t hold back at all.

When asked about her fallout with Cynthia, NeNe says:

“There’s no friendship and there will not be. No, I am so done with her. I don’t even have words for her.

“We had a real friendship and I don’t play those games. We had a real friendship, I really loved her and I feel like if she an issue with me, I don’t understand somebody waiting six months to have an issue with you. Come over your house, eat your food, go to the hospital, go to the fashion week with you, travel for New Years and then all of a sudden sit on a couch and make up some sh*t.

“She blindsided me sitting on the couch.”

NeNe says she can forgive Cynthia at some point, but they can never be close again:

“I can forgive her but I don’t want to have a friendship with her, ok? So I know you only get to see one side of it. You have to know the whole story. How dare you be my good friend and I be there for you and you wait six months to tell me I did something wrong in front of people who don’t give a damn about our friendship? If you were a true friend, you could have called me up and said, ‘Hey I need to talk to you. Come to my house, let’s meet, let me come to your house.’ Why would you bring this up in front of people who don’t care about our friendship one way or the other.”

When Jeff Lewis from “Flipping Out” asked her if she would at least hear Cynthia out if she wanted to talk about their issues, NeNe says:

“No, I can’t hear that b*tch out.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I do agree that Cynthia is acting like she’s only mad for she can have a storyline now, but NeNe has to also admit her part in all of this. I mean she called Peter the b word. If Cynthia would have called Gregg that she would have had a fit.

      1. This! I keep telling people Kenya and NeNe are cut from the same cloth. They are too prideful to ever admit when they are wrong.

  2. I kind of see where Nene is coming from. It is sketchy that Cynthia waited so long to get mad and when it all went down she had nothing to say.

    1. Plus, we all saw Nene apologize repeatedly at dinner with Gregg, and both Cynthia and Peter accept her apology. This is all because Cynthia was called weak in the media and she decided to borrow Peter’s backbone.

    2. Cynthia saw the episodes when they aired and realized what sort of friend NENE was. All those interviews and those comments where Cynthia was not even in the room kinda threw her off. I would be upset to if i forgave someone only to find out they had said some EXTRA sh*t while i was not even in the room

      1. Then make it only about the extra sh-t, not something that was apologized for she said she accepted. Cynthia is in the wrong on this one.

  3. How many times has NeNe said she was done with Kim and now they are friendly again. I think these two will make up eventually.

  4. Nene has some nerve talking about someone being a bad friend when she was the one who ruined all of her friendships. Anyone can watch the past seasons of RHOA and see Nene has no idea what being a friend even means. She’s too selfish and self centered to be anyone’s friend.

  5. I honestly think Nene and Cynthia are faking all this so they can have something to talk about next season. Cynthia has never cared about Nene disrespecting her or Peter. So why would she care now? I just don’t believe them. They need more people.

  6. You can tell NeNe is really hurt by the situation. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t keep talking about it. I liked their friendship but I do think NeNe was wrong to call Peter a biotch. She should have expressed her issues with him in a more respectful way.

    1. Nene spoke her truth. She’s not classy so you can’t expect her to do anything in a classy way. lol

  7. I don’t have a problem with NeNe calling Peter a b-tch he was asking for it. If she still felt some type of way why did she accept NeNe’s apology. If Cynthia wasn’t such a weak wife and woman and tell Peter stop being messy and stay in his lane it wouldn’t have came to that. She can’t even express herself to her own husband you can see it all over her face when Peter is being messy she is uncomfortable. Cynthia is such a weak woman it’s pathetic.

  8. Definitely #teamnene on this one. If you mad be mad, but don’t get mad six months later for tv after we have been hanging out offscreen. Bye Cynthia!! you been messy and you don’t get a pass because you’re pretty and dumb.

  9. NeNe got on my nerves last season but she told no lies. Cynthia waited to get mad because she knew she was on the chopping block and she needed some kind of controversy to keep her on the show. No one was checking for her. Peter has been saving her for the most part.

  10. I agree with Nene. If we’re friends and you wait until people on twitter tell you to get mad to get mad with me, I have to question our friendship too. And I really think Cynthia only befriended Nene from jump because she believed Nene was the star of the show and she needed to be friends with her because she’s too boring to stay on the show on her own. Now that she sees Kenya is becoming a star, she wants to align with her and hop off the Nene train. She’s very fake and I don’t like Cynthia. At least with Kenya and NeNe you always know what you’re going to get. They are real with their messiness.

  11. GET over urself CYTHNIA… Peter does act like a b-tch….Truth HURTS..SO MUCH SO, a friendship is over…LOL..CALL NeNe a B-tch…she’ll OWN IT…& Keep it MOVIN…

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