T.I. Causes Floyd Mayweather to Beef up Security?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and Floyd Mayweather’s explosive beef doesn’t appear to be dying down anytime soon since the boxer is still speaking about their feud in the media and causing even more speculation.

Although T.I. says he’s over the beef and is now focussing on working on his marriage to Tiny, rumor has it Floyd is now considering beefing up his security to make sure another violent run in with T.I. doesn’t happen.

Illseed of AllHipHop writes:

The sources I know are suggesting strongly that Mayweather is (or his team) are seriously concerned that this whole thing could go completely LEFT. There have been some talks that T.I. has forced Mayweather to increase security or that he will. A bunch of people think that T.I. is on some Cosby stuff now that he’s all on TV and whatever. But, he ain’t. Tip is still super thorough out in “the world.”


  1. TI is a felon. He needs to stay out of trouble or he’ll be sent right back to prison. Not worth it.

  2. I don’t think TI will run up on him again. He got his wife back now, he’s not worried about Floyd anymore.

  3. I can at least respect TI for confronting Floyd. Most men wouldn’t swing on an undefeated boxer. LOL.

  4. T.I. Needs to just put his focus into being faithful to Tiny and being a better husband for her. Nothing else really matters right now.

  5. Oh so Floyd shook after he said he f-cked Tiny. So not only did he try to backtrack what he said now he scared if T.I. will retaliate or not. Soft as tissue paper I tell ya.

  6. Lost a lot of respect for Floyd after all of this. And I hate how he kept calling that man’s wife a b-tch.

  7. I may not be feeling Tip right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to lay a beating of epic proportions on Floyd’s tired a-s. He needs to know to keep Tiny’s name out his damn mouth.

  8. We have yet to see Floyd take on a worthy opponent. Instead, he fights women (most of his exes) like men and boxers he knows aren’t on his level of talent because he’s too afraid to lose. I never got the hype for Floyd. Ever.

  9. At this pint Floyd just needs to stop talking about TI and Tiny. It’s obvious he’s still mad she dissed him at the BET Awards. But she had to. Can’t work on her marriage if she’s still talking to Floyd in public.

  10. I’m over Floyd. He lets his pride get the best of him every single time. I think he really needs to be humbled.

  11. He needs to beef up his security anyway if he’s going to be talking sh-t about people all the time anyway.

  12. I don’t think Floyd got more security he always travels with a gang of people. Nobody is saying who started this and that is TI he had a baby on Tiny so he didn’t care about her feeling or anything then. Then TI was always on IG and if that wasn’t bad enough he made a song that sounds like he was talking about Tiny. TI moved out then got a house and it was reported that the girl and the baby live there. Now where I come from if a man does that then he doesn’t care about his wife and what people will say about him, Then Tiny goes all the way to Vegas and hook-up with a man who is known for having a lot of women. Then Tiny goes on IG posting pictures with her and Floyd and his daughter, knowing TI was going to see it. Tiny is with Floyd when they had the fight at fat burgers and she didn’t leave with TI, and she went on IG and said TI should have not done that. Floyd was way wrong to even be with Tiny even if she said it was ok. Floyd is wrong to call Tiny a b-tch and talking about what ever they did in front of hundreds of people. Everyone played a part in this mess and I just hope TI thinks smart and let if go cause what someone did with his wife is not worth going to jail for 20 plus year cause then she won’t wait for him she will be with another man.

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