Tiny Harris Talks T.I. and Floyd Mayweather Controversy

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny and T.I. are back to working on their marriage after several months of social media drama and that pesky controversy with Floyd Mayweather.

Tiny made a recent appearance on Dish Nation to address the drama and her current standing with T.I.

When asked if she is still with T.I., she says:

“We are. We are still together.

“We’re working at it. We’re working hard.”

Tiny even addressed the controversy surrounding Floyd Mayweather’s recent press conference when he seemingly claimed he slept with Tiny (he later denied he made the comments and said he actually said he didn’t sleep with her). Tiny says:

“He didn’t say that because that never happened. He’s never been in a room with me by his self. Any time he’s been around me it’s been with people like this (points to multiple people in the studio). So I couldn’t imagine him saying, ‘Yeah I did that.'”

When Claudia Jordan brought up the fact that she felt it wasn’t cool Floyd Mayweather referred to Tiny as a b*tch, Tiny says:

“Yeah, well I can’t say that it was. You’re right.”

Check out the video below:


  1. She really doesn’t need to be cool with Floyd anymore. Any man who keeps calling you a b-tch is not a friend at all.

  2. I hope she didn’t sleep with Floyd because he has no respect for her. Every time he talks about her he calls her a b-tch. That’s not a good look.

  3. I’m glad they are working on their marriage. I hope everything works out for them and TI leaves these hoes out here alone.

  4. Glad they’re working on their marriage. As for her response about Floyd, I’m going to need her to listen to that tape. Whether it happened or not, he definitely said it. And between him lying on his peen and calling her out of her name? That’s a relationship that needs to be over and done with. As buck as she gets on social media with T.I. and trolls in her comments, she definitely needs to put Floyd in his place for disrespecting her. But….I guess she said she’d let TI fight that battle for her…little big man to the rescue.

  5. Call me cynical, but I think their reconciliation has more to do with his publicist and PR team, and less to do with actually wanting to be faithful to his wife.

  6. Floyd’s reputation with women has always been pretty terrible. Someone did a writeup the other day about all the times he’s been accused of hitting women and it was hard to read. A lot of that stuff has been swept under a rug because of who he is. And the way he talks about women on IG (especially the Tiny situation) should be a red flag to all women. But that’s a topic for another day.

  7. I’m glad Tiny could admit it was disrespectful for Floyd to keep calling her out her name. He has some nasty karma coming his way.

  8. Ppl kill me saying she doesn’t have a backbone for not wanting to leave her marriage. If he’s truly making a change & they’re both putting forth effort to make it work, then I see nothing wrong w her staying. & this is coming from someone whose 24 & never married. I just feel that nowadays marriage isn’t taken seriously. It takes a lot of hard work & commitment. No, not every marriage is perfect & I highly doubt it’s supposed to be.

  9. I glad they are working on it and I hope it works out but what I want to know is how does Tiny feel about the new baby TI just had cause he will have to visit the baby and will she be able to be ok with it. If Tiny is good with it then that will show she has a back bone and she really wants her family.

  10. I like Tiny but idk if I could’ve stood around chill wit Floyd saying all that bullshytvbout me, but maybe TI told her he wil hande Foyd so don’t fret it. ..but yeah he is mad disrespectful and he was never a friend if he could call her a b-tch so easily like wtf did she Eva do personally to u? Hmmm mayb he mad cuz he wins in getting any fr Tiny

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