Shantel Jackson Claps Back at Floyd Mayweather

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson’s demise as a couple pretty much played out on Instagram, and the boxer actually blasted his ex for terminating her pregnancy to his millions of followers on Instagram.

Shantel has since then moved on to Nelly, and recently she shared cutesy photos of the couple celebrating her birthday.

Floyd responded by gloating about the three Bugatti cars he just bought the three women in his life, and now Shantel is tossing some shade back his way.

She posted the following to Instagram just hours ago:

shantel jackson instagram
shantel jackson instagram 2


  1. Well I’m glad she finally came to this realization but why didn’t she feel this way when she was bragging about him being ok with him sleeping with other women while they were engaged?

    1. Yeah that was just pathetic. He was showing her then that he didn’t respect her but it wasn’t until he told everyone about the abortion that she finally got upset. Talk about a delayed reaction.

  2. Girl bye! I only gave you a smidge of sympathy cuz Floyd was such a douchebag on IG with the pregnancy mess. But you’s a gold digger, so stop it with all that talk about “…no amount of money, blah, blah, blah”.

    We all know it’s only a matter of time before Nelly drops your a-s like a sno-cone and you take to IG to complain!

  3. Now she is acting like she can’t be bought but she was at one point in time. I don’t know why all of sudden she is acting like she didn’t enjoy her lifestyle with Floyd they used each other.

  4. Now I think both her and Floyd are playing games and using other people to make each other jealous. Very lame.

  5. Once she realizes Nelly doesn’t have enough money to support her lifestyle, she will go back to Floyd. If she was good at gold digging she would have picked up someone better than Nelly by now.

  6. I think Floyd is a douche for what he did but I don’t think Shantel is completely done with being with men for money.

  7. When Nelly can’t give what this hoe is use too, she will move on. She was with Floyd for money and Nelly bank account can’t give her that lifestyle.

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