Restaurant Goers Slam Beyonce and Jay Z Divorce Rumors

Photo Credit:  Rob Hoffman
Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While Jay Z and Beyonce are currently on their successful joint tour, the rumors about the power couple have been steady ever since ElevatorGate.

Now we told you the rumors are hard to believe considering no one had any dirt on Beyonce or Jay Z before Solange’s attack.

Then of course big publications like the New York Post are claiming proof the marriage is suffering is the couple no longer wears their rings, but the couple has never really worn rings their entire marriage thus far, hence getting the finger tattoos (The New York Post is also claiming Beyonce removed her tattoo but that has already been proven to be false).

Then there’s also rumors claiming the couple travels separately despite being on tour together and that Beyonce was spotted shopping for a condo by her lonesome in June.

Interestingly enough, when Beyonce and Jay Z’s tour stopped in Chicago a few days ago, the couple went out to eat at a lavish restaurant and onlookers claim they saw no proof they were in the process of splitting.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

“That’s crazy,” said the Sneed source, who observed the couple arriving, eating and exiting the hot Chicago Cut restaurant for dinner the night before their concert at Soldier Field last Thursday.

“First of all, they sat together . . . not interspersed by the two young adults with them like a troubled couple would,” the source said. “They were laughing, having a normal conversation and passing their baby, Blue Ivy, back and forth.

“Jay-Z even held the baby 75 percent of the time, and he definitely was into his family and not his cellphone. All signs looked like they were a pretty happy couple . . . and definitely a couple,” the source added. “But the clincher was they even shared a glass of wine together!

“Believe me, couples who are unhappily married don’t do that!

“And I might add . . . they arrived sitting in a car together, not apart,” the source said. “And walked side-by-side together when heading to their car.”



The same source also tells the publication how a couple acts in the restaurant is very telling because months before Paula Patton filed for divorce from Robin Thicke, they came to the same restaurant and looked miserable with each other. Later Paula and Robin were allegedly spotted arguing on a deck before leaving.

Honestly, the timing of all the Beyonce and Jay Z rumors are just a little too fishy for us  so we think it’s best to just wait and see what happens to the couple after the tour is over.

Regardless, Beyonce subtly clapped back at the rumors and posted the following to her Instagram account:

beyonce instagram


  1. I think the press is making all this stuff up because of the elevator incident and they know it will get them page views. The media has changed. Controversy sells and it’s all about clicks now. Every major publication has been caught lying since the blogs took off. It’s not about accuracy, it’s about clicks. I don’t think anyone will ever know Jay and Bey’s business. We all just got lucky with the elevator thing and that’s all we will ever get.

    1. We got lucky? Huh? Don’t tell me you’re one of those pathetic weirdos who rejoices in other people’s problems.

      1. They aren’t alone. A lot of people want to see these two split up because they are miserable in their own lives. Misery loves company.

  2. The two major publications pushing this crap are the NY Post and the NY Times. Now I already on told y’all where these stories are coming from but y’all weren’t hearing me. The same New York Times writer who keeps pushing this BS is a friend of the Kardashians. Kim and her horrid family are mad as hell Jay and Beyonce didn’t come to that sham of a wedding. They know enough people in the media to drag the hell out of this couple. How do you think the K’s have stayed relevant so long? Media connections. I feel bad for Bey and Jay but I know they are strong. They will overcome this and keep winning. But if anyone can’t see who’s behind this, they are delusional.

    1. Don’t forget how nasty the Kardashians play the game tho. Kris thinks she can buy anyone. She will write a check to get what she wants written. It’s Payola baby and the Kardashians do it better than anyone else. I hate to say it but Beyonce has pissed off the wrong ones. The K’s are ruthless. When they want to ruin someone, they do a good damn job of it.

      1. What? Are you on drugs? Beyonce actually has talent, a real career, and the respect of the entire industry. Kim will forever be a porn star and a complete joke. Rumors can’t ruin someone like Beyonce. She doesn’t need tabloids to back her. Kim does because she’s a POS without a real career.

        Bey dropped her last album and didn’t promote a damn thing. She didn’t even promote her singles. And it still outsold every other woman who released an album in the last two years. Double platinum! She’s a real boss. Kim could never.

    2. Question is why is it so hard to believe that these two may not be as happy as they portray? When there was an article about Ciara/Future, TI & Tiny, I have yet to read a comment stating they don’t believe it…. as always these two always get a pass and/or worshipped to “their” god. They are the best of the best when it comes to smoke&mirrors, calculating and trust the reports may be coming from guess who? THEM! It’s not like this is the first time their were reports of either of them cheating but this time, the stories are nonstop so either they are feeding the masses with bs to make more money and continue to be in the spotlight over “EVERYBODY” else or where there is smoke, there’s fire. They must’ve made somebody in hollyweird upset because the media outlets aren’t letting this thing go.

      1. “Question is why is it so hard to believe that these two may not be as happy as they portray? When there was an article about Ciara/Future, TI & Tiny, I have yet to read a comment stating they don’t believe it…. as always these two always get a pass and/or worshipped to “their” god.” <<< You sound salty. I guess you're mad Beyonce and Jay Z have a lot of people who support them and keep them successful. I notice with people like you that you don't seem to have a problem with anyone else's fans but the Hive. Don't be mad at us because we actually buy albums and concert tickets. That doesn't make Beyonce our "God." We like her and support her. Get over it.

        And miss me with this Future/Ciara/Tiny/TI BS. None of those people have ever been private. Ever. They spill their own tea on Instagram/Twitter and interviews. No one is saying Bey and Jay don't have problems noodle brain, what we're saying is no one knows their business because they have ALWAYS been tight lipped. Being private is what they do best. Now if the Post and everyone else couldn't tell us when she was pregnant with Blue, when she was dropping the album on iTunes, when she had a miscarriage, etc. then it's common sense they don't know anything now. They are pushing out lies and speculation because of the elevator incident and it's not a coincidence that the main sites pushing this crap are in good with the Kardashians.

        And you can also miss me with the "cheating rumors." BS written on those wack blind items sites is not tea. Enty was already called out years ago for being a broke lawyer making up lies on a blog to pay bills and you dummies still go to that site everyday. Any site can make up a lie for hits.

        Accept you will never know what's going on with the Carters unless they tell you! And that's why y'all are really mad. Private doesn't mean perfect!

        Lastly, Beyonce doesn’t have to pull a Kim and depend on tabloids and send lies to the media to make her money sweetheart. She proved that by dropping an album with no promotion on iTunes. Without any number one hits and promotion, that album is now double platinum. Seethe.

      2. “Question is why is it so hard to believe that these two may not be as happy as they portray? When there was an article about Ciara/Future, TI & Tiny, I have yet to read a comment stating they don’t believe it…. as always these two always get a pass and/or worshipped to “their” god.”

        I stopped reading right there. Please don’t reply to me with your insecure nonsense. Handle your inferiority complex sis. Deuces.

  3. The Kardashians are so disgusting! The Post are the same liars who said Kim’s Vogue cover would outsell Bey and Michelle’s and it flopped! They don’t have any receipts or real sources because real fans know Bey/Jay never wear their rings and Bey never removed her tat! They just need to stop it.

  4. It’s pathetic that people want them to break up so bad. It’s not a coincidence that the constant break up rumors are on Kardashian associated sites and the shade Kim threw on IG like Bey & Jay copying Ye’ style. Nice try Kardashians & Co they not fooling me.

  5. Chile cheese. Beyonce dropped an album in December and not nan website knew what day or how she was going to do it. She had a miscarriage, not one website knew about it. She got pregnant, we didn’t know ish until she came to the VMAs and showed off her bay bump. But we’re supposed to believe that NOW everyone has the tea on their marriage? GTFOH.

  6. I just find it interesting that the tabloids didn’t start going this hard until Jayonce skipped out on Kimye’s wedding. That tells me everything I need to know.

  7. All of this just reeks of the Kardashian crew. But knowing Beyonce and Jay Z, they will keep it classy and do them. They know what’s going on in their marriage. That’s all that matters. But I do hope Kanye realizes that they will do him even worse if his marriage ever goes sour. They love to make those Kardashian girls the victims.

    1. They can’t have a seat. If they do they will be forgotten about and irrelevant. That’s what happens when you don’t have any talent or real reason to be famous. You can never sit down. You can never take breaks.

  8. So the Kardashians finally bought out the NY Post huh? I know they have been trying to get the Post in their corner for years and now they are finally doing their dirty work. I knew something was up when the lied about Kim’s Vogue sales.

  9. Kim is so full of herself. She really embodies everything I can’t stand about white privilege. She thought Beyonce and Jay Z would bow down to her whore a-s and she would use them dry like she’s done every other black celeb dumb enough to befriend her. But the Carters ain’t stupid. They will just keep making their millions and let Kanye find out for himself how dirty the Ks are. Kim is so mad she’s trying to fight a war with the tabloids but the Carters will be fine.

  10. Honestly I don’t think anyone has any inside information about Bey and Jay. The Elevator thing just opened up the door for sites to speculate, but they keep a small circle so they can stay private. But I get it though. I mean people have magazines to sell and page views to get, right? Even CNN has been wrong.

  11. Ok but the Post also said Bey was pregnant not too long ago and that turned out to be false. They don’t know sh-t.

  12. Someone clearly has an agenda here and I think by the looks of the comments most of you have already pieced it together. Good.

  13. Bad press while they embark on their first joint tour? I say stay silent and let people speculate. That just translates into constant publicity and sold out shows. They win. #shrugs

  14. I know the Kardashians are just trying to hurt Beyonce and Jay Z but from a PR perspective, they are actually helping them. To be honest these rumors have kept Bey and Jay in the headlines every day and they are on tour right now. That’s not bad to a PR person. It pretty much guarantees concert tickets will sell out because now people who don’t even like Beyonce want to go to see if the chemistry is “off.” So hey, let em talk. Let em lie. Let em speculate. It’s making them wealthier. Try harder Kardashians.

  15. I don’t know what’s going on with the Carters. I can’t say I really care because it’s not my business. I only ask for them to bring it when they hit the stage and they do! So I’m not sure what the media thinks they are trying to do because the fans are going to remain loyal no matter what. Seethe.

  16. Beyonce is really shady when she wants to be. She responds to the rumors on her IG account and the fans know this even though it’s very subtle. When they said she removed her tattoo, a few days later she made sure to post a picture showing the tat was still there. When they first starting saying they were divorcing, Bey posted a screenshot of a concert review that said they were great individually but even more powerful together. When they said Rihanna caused the elevator incident she posted a picture of her and Rih cheesing it up to her IG account. She’s spilling her own tea on Instagram. People just need to pay attention.

  17. I think they are fine. All couples have problems but I don’t believe they will ever tell us what problems they are having and they don’t have to.

  18. I’m still waiting on Beyonce to have that baby the Post said she was pregnant with a few months ago.

  19. Honestly I do understand no couple is perfect and I’m sure Beyonce and Jay-Z have problems just like any other couple. I’m not disputing that BUT my issue with all of this is the Carters are very private. They have a very small circle and the media has never known any of their business before but I’m supposed to believe they do now? Doesn’t make any sense.

  20. It’s crazy how obsessed the media is with breaking up power black couples. They have been doing the same thing to Will and Jada for many years. I’ve yet to see them go that hard on Brad and Angelina tho.

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