Chrisette Michele Quits ‘R&B Divas LA’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chrisette Michele quits R&B divas? It’s R&B singer Chrisette Michele’s first shot at reality stardom, but already it’s been a very controversial experience for the “R&B Divas LA” newbie.

In fact, Chrisette has been getting slammed on social media constantly because many are disgusted with the attitude she’s portrayed on show thus far.

And now the singer is realizing that reality television just may not be for her.

In an open letter penned to her fans via Instagram, Chrisette pretty much confirms she won’t be returning for another season of “R&B Divas LA”:

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  1. I was confused when I heard she was doing the show because reality TV is for irrelevant losers for the most part. She actually is relevant and has a following. There was no need for her to do the show in the first place.

  2. I thought it was kinda odd she would agree to do r&b divas. I don’t watch r&b divas but if she isn’t happy she could quit. I have a question for y’all who watch r&b divas why does Michel’le talk like a chipmunk.

  3. These artists need to understand what reality TV is all about now. If you’re not ok with making a fool out of yourself, find a better way to make money.

  4. She has a phenomenal vouce. That being said, “…I don’t do backup…” irritated the hell out of me when she said it. As if that is a disease, and she was afraid to catch it. Plus, not everyone wants to be analyzed. She comes from a family of such, so she’s cool with it (as am I), but like Lela said, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not really feeling her and the pretention to tell the truth!

    1. I agree. I was a fan of sorts, was rooting for the girl…but not anymore. It was hard to watch how she interacted with grown women. Throwing little tantrums when her rants were ignored…copping attitudes when folks paid her no mind…

      I think she is unhappy with herself and no matter how hard she tries to convince herself she is special, her sadness seeps thru her pores. People that harp on how much they are loved are the loneliest souls. Her “can I write you a letter” letter confirms just that.

  5. I love her. The show didn’t change my opinion of her and she seems like a genuine person, diva attitude or not. What you see is what you get and I’m here for it.

  6. some of you guys are being very harsh. Remember even though its a reality show, its still scripted. Chrisette did not have a bad attitude on the show. In fact, i thought she was quite charming and very well spoken. If she was uncomfortable, she told you straight up. Dont mistake her abstractness for being well a snob or boosie as lela james did. She on another level artistically, then the rest of the women on that show.

  7. I don’t what the problem was. She was nothing but adorable, sweet and quirky in the show (so far). But I do agree that it was strange she was in the show in the first place, I kinda feel like these shows are for people who’s careers have gone down a bit, Chrisette career is still active and strong.

  8. I periodicaly watch RB Diva. I just notice Chrisette was not on it any more. The last time I saw her was when she was discussing her brother’s bipolar condition and wanted to do music together and the next thing she was gone. She had those blonde dooky braids which I didn’t like on her. What happen?

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