Chrisette Michele Disappointed Donald Trump Didn’t Make Time to Shake Her Hand

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chrisette Michele is still doing interviews to discuss the backlash over her performance at the Inauguration.

Interestingly enough, she revealed that she didn’t even get to meet Trump or shake his hand.

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  1. No. He’s not listening to your album chick lol nor is anyone you monkeyed out for…

    She didn’t get a seat at the table… she didn’t even get a face to face….

    1. Exactly. Like what!?!? She made no sense. And it really p*ssed me off when she started talking about her Basquiat skirt that was made by a white woman…again….sooooooooooooo!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Why would an arrogant piece of sh-t like him want to shake hands with the help? I wish she would shut her delusional a-s up.

  3. I am beyond disgusted with this woman. She seems so oblivious to the fact that she was used and beyond the $250,000 she got for it, she really has nothing to show for that performance. Trump didn’t even think she was worthy of a handshake. This is what happens when you put money over morals. In the end, no one will respect you. Not even the person who signed your check.

  4. I’ve got to be one of the few people who actually liked her prior to this. I was a huge fan when her first album dropped, and then she slowly lost me. But this? You don’t need to accept an invitation to stand in front of people and show them who “we” are. There are other events, protests, meetings, etc. she could attended on a day-to-day basis to do that. You can’t say you used this opportunity for “us” when we’ve never heard you prior to this moment speaking up on behalf on anyone…

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