Remy Ma Released from Prison (For Real This Time)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A couple of days ago it was reported that female rapper Remy Ma had finally been released from prison, but just several hours after New York radio station Hot 97 confirmed the news, MTV News was notified by Remy’s camp that she had not been released for disciplinary reasons.

Apparently the rapper’s recent radio interview with Angie Martinez got her in some trouble and no one was able to confirm her new release date.

Turns out Remy was actually released Friday. And she and her husband Papoose confirmed the news on their official Instagram accounts:

remy ma instagram

remy ma instagram 2

papoose instagram


On her first day back, Remy went straight to the studio with DJ Khaled.


  1. Off topic…Barbee (lol) and others have y’all heard Anaconda yet? It leaked and I have to say it’s horrible.

    1. It was so bad I thought it was a joke. Nicki really needs to get her head out her a-s and come harder. I’m rooting for her because I can’t stand Iggy but she’s got to stop putting out trash and expecting people to take her seriously.

    2. It’s terrible I hate to have to say but its like massive attack bad. I hated that damn song it made my head hurt. Nicki needs to get back to mixtape Nicki she was spitting fire on them mixtapes.

  2. I hope Remy stays in the studio and far way from Mona. Mona will sell her out for ratings and have her back in jail w/out a blink of an eye for fighting on lhh. I can see it now Remy and Erica Mena fighting.

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