Kerry Washington Shuts Down Beyonce Rumors

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Kerry Washington has to be one of today’s most private celebrities, and she managed to get married a whole month before the media even got word she had tied the knot. Despite her intense commitment to keep her life private, the “Scandal” star has found herself in a scandal thanks to a new report that claims Kerry has some beef with Beyonce.

Dish Nation writes:

“Kerry thinks Beyonce should spend less time shaking her booty and more time pushing other agendas, like the value of education and healthy eating, as well as promoting book reading.”

New mom Kerry expressed her views about the Grammy winning “Drunk in Love” singer after Lily Tomlin recently responded to a question about whether she thinks Beyonce is a feminist by saying, “She is a pretty popular woman and she’s married to a very powerful man, but she’s still selling sex to teenyboppers.”

Says the source, “Kerry wholeheartedly agrees with Lily. She also thinks the way Beyonce is reveling in rumors about her private life is, at best, cheesy, and, at worst, dangerous.”

…Adds the source, “To Kerry, it seems like Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable. While Kerry’s peers, like Beyonce, exploit themselves for career advancement, she’s happy to keep her private life under wraps and let her talent do the talking. Kerry wishes Beyonce would do the same.”


The always classy Kerry Washington subtly responded to the report via her Instagram account and posted the following just hours after the rumor went viral:

kerry washington instagram


  1. Successful, happy, talented and beautiful women don’t hate Beyonce because they can relate. #factsonly

    1. You know someone told me once only miserable people hate Beyonce. I laughed and just thought it was stan talk, but I saw for my own eyes there’s a lot of truth to that. The more success Bey gets, the nastier these people get.

  2. I didn’t believe it anyway. Kerry has way too much class to go around bad mouthing another black woman doing well. I wish more women had her level of class.

  3. LMBO! People really believed the same woman who got married on the low would go around and talk bad about anyone famous? Really? Damn people are stupid.

  4. I hate how the media is always pitting successful black women against each other and a lot black people support it. People were so hype to cosign crap Kerry never said just because they don’t like Beyonce. Smh.

  5. I think deep down people knew it was bullish-t but they went along with it because it was negative about Beyonce. Sad.

    1. Oh we already know. Kerry has always been supportive of Beyonce and her membership in the Hive has been active for a few years now. 🙂

  6. Really? This didn’t even sound like Kerry’s personality. She’s a sweet person who always promotes other black women doing their thing. She would never bash another sister. Ever. And that’s why I love her. People need to believe anything bad when it comes to Bey. It’s just pathetic.

  7. Kerry is too classy to do such a thing. I’m glad she cleared that up. The media certainly has it out for Beyonce right now and they don’t care who they throw under the bus to go after her.

  8. This was hard to believe anyway. I always see Kerry supporting and promoting other black women in the acting biz and in music all the time on her twitter. People need to stop making up lies and pitting black women against each other.

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