Lil Kim Comes for Nicki Minaj’s Throat

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj caused a ruckus on social media when they released the “Flawless (Remix), and the lyrics have been causing quite the controversy since Beyonce made a reference to ElevatorGate and seemingly threw some shade Kimye’s way.

But while everyone is still deciphering Beyonce and Nicki’s verses, it appears the other Queen Bee has a little something to say too.

Lil Kim dropped the remix to the remix and she went straight for Nicki’s jugular.

Of course the most buzz worthy lyric is the following:

“Head game so presidential, spit on the d*ck like an instrumental”

Take a listen below and let us know if the Queen Bee delivered.


  1. I stopped taking lil Kim serious a long time ago. I don’t care if she invented the remix with puff daddy she stay talking about sucking d-ck and other sh-t. It’s not interesting to me.

  2. If she’s such a queen, why didn’t Bey call her up to do the remix? She called Nicki because Nicki is the queen of rap. Kim is just jealous.

  3. So you mean to tell me Kim can find time to jump on a Beyonce track she wasn’t asked to hop on just to diss Nicki but her lazy a-s can’t drop that damn mixtape?

  4. You can tell Kim rushed to get that verse done. It’s pretty weak IMO. She’s capable of much better.

  5. Why is Kim so obsessed with Nicki? Damn her beef with Nicki has been going on forever. She could have been working on dropping that mix tape but she rushed to put together this wack “diss” instead.

  6. lil kim need to go some where wit her hatin a-s, nick really haven’t been worried about ms. melted candle face, she need to be takin care of her”week” old baby bcuz dissin on nicki or whateva tf that sh-t was really dnt do nothin but make her look like a hater, kim can rap but come on now move on

  7. I may be alone on this one but I like Kim’s verse. My only wish would be if this was a collab and not a dis track!!! How dope would it be if they actually came together. I’m not a Nikki fan old, a fan of old Kim… together>vs anyday

  8. I can’t get with Kim’s music. It’s always about sex and blowjobs. Nicki can spit, flow, and freestyle. Sorry Kim your reign is over. Exit stage left

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