Drake Makes Good with Kendrick Lamar & Shows Love to Rihanna

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Drake hit the stage last night for his OVO Festival, and as usual the rapper made sure he had people buzzing on social media. Apparently Drake brought J. Cole on stage at some point of his performance and he actually had some positive words for Kendrick Lamar this time around.

The rapper says:

“I wanna shout out my n—a Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick was on my album, we went on tour…that’s one of the hardest n—-s alive. He should be standing right [here].

“There’s a lot of kings in this sh–, so shout out to Kendrick and shout out my brother J. Cole.”

Now this is very different from what happened the last time J. Cole and Drake were on the stage together.

Drake also had Rihanna’s Navy riled up last night on Twitter when it was confirmed Drake flashed Rihanna’s face in the background during his performance of “Days in the East” (he penned the song for the R&B singer). Check out some photos and video below:

drake shows rihanna love


  1. I need Drake to leave Rihanna out of his attention whoring. She’s too busy to give him the attention he seeks constantly.

    1. Exactly. He still wants to go out here and be a whore so he needs to leave Rihanna’s name out of his mouth.

  2. Drake was beefing with himself the entire time. Kendrick never had an issue with Drake. So he dropped the beef he had with himself, not Kendrick.

  3. I’m glad he’s done w this one sided beef. As far as Rhianna goes, didn’t he just diss her not too long ago?

  4. Considering how cool J. Cole and Kendrick are, I’m willing to bet J. Cole said something after Aubrey’s stunt on stage at the last concert. Aubrey has been too bitter all this time for him to all of a sudden be so friendly out of nowhere. At any rate, it’s about time he got over this. Moving on..

  5. Damn, he just about gave me whiplash! N-gga what??? That’s how I know Drake is full of sh-t, cuz if this “beef” had really meant something to him, no amount of twitter drags would’ve meant squat. Drake is a child!!!

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