Nicki Minaj Unfazed by Lil Kim Diss

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj is set to drop a new studio album very soon, but the controversial female rapper is keeping her name in headlines thanks to that “Flawless (Remix)” as well as the content and art work for her new single “Anaconda.” So perhaps it was a savvy PR move for Lil Kim to release her verse for the remix yesterday.

Although Kim went for Nicki’s jugular and even told her  to “hang herself,” the brutal lyrics don’t appear to be getting under Nicki’s skin at all.

About a couple of hours after Kim dropped the verse on social media, Nicki made it clear she was unfazed and she made sure to brag on her latest iTunes accomplishments (read tweets from bottom to top):

nicki minaj unfazed by lil kim diss


  1. Well she needs to be fazed by that trash a-s song she just put out. Anaconda has to be the crappiest song she’s ever done.

  2. Why would Nicki be fazed? Kim’s verse was wack and it just showed how much Nicki gets under her skin. Everyone knows how she feels about Nicki no need to keep throwing disses and wack disses at that.

  3. Nicki isn’t saying anything because she knows that’s all Kim wants. Kim needs Nicki to be relevant now. Why give her what she wants when she has an actual career to tend to right now, unlike Kim?

    1. I admit that you might have a point. Nicki is on what her second album? She is doing big things. Television shows,modeling,fashion,etc etc,. When was the last time Lil Kim released a entire album with new songs? Releasing a diss record is old and played out. If Lil Kim were truly serious about going after Nicki she would release a new album. Then we music fans would see who was the queen of rap right now.

    1. Not going to happen. Kim holds grudges like nobody’s business. She’s still mad at Faith too. LOL.

  4. How many grammy’s do Kim have how many awards does Kim have? How much money does Kim have? When Kim was making music she was not as hot as Nikki is now. NO matter what as long as your music is on the charts and your selling out tours (stadiums, and arena’s ) and selling millions copies of your music f-ck what some ugly b-tch has to say on a diss song.

      1. No tea, no shade but GIRL: Knock it off. She got a grammy for Lady Marmalade with three other women. Stop acting like she got that for HER individual work. Lmao. I don’t hate Kim but relax. She WAS a poppin rapper in her time and she should be recognized for that. However, I think people take it too far acting like she’s better than what she actually was to discredit Nicki. That’s corny. However you feel about Onika and her bars or lack thereof has nothing to do with the fact that if Kim was as good as y’all say she is, she would be doing wayyyy better than promoting a mix tape tour. Sorry.

        1. No need for me to relax. She has a grammy which is a fact. Her verse is better which is my opinon. I love kim and messed with her hard body during that time. I also know that she is done and not f’n with Nicki. All I did was express my like for Kim. I never once said anything ill towards Nicki who I like too.

          So no shade, no tea. A lil henny though

          1. llawrence are you ok? Did you read what I wrote. I am not sure what you are confused about but I never mentioned anything about Kim being the Queen or Nicki.not holding the crown. I stated a fact and an opinion.

            You are going extra haaaaaaard for no reason. Kim had it Nicki got it. Whats your problem kid? You are trying to be heard a lil too much on this washed up post..

  5. Chile the whole thing between them is dumb. But whatever. If these bishes ain’t smart enough to get together and make real money, oh well.

    1. Nikki is not hurting in her career why would she f-ck hers off f-cking with kim’s ugly a-s, ain’t nobody checking for kim.

  6. I really used to like Kim back in the day. I thought she was a great rapper. She really does have rap skills but no one can see them, because she always has her name in her mouth. I would respect her so much more if she would get off Nicki kitty. All that being said I am a true Nicki Minaj fan, but in regards to Anaconda and Bang Bang she could do better. Hell she’s done better. J/Saying

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