Yandy Smith Talks ‘Baby Mama Drama’ & Why Mendeecees’ Other Son Won’t Do LHHNY

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several months ago it was speculated that one of Mendeecees Harris’ baby mamas took some subliminal shots at Yandy Smith on Instagram. Later the young woman took to Instagram to clarify that the shade wasn’t for Yandy at all and now Yandy is backing her up in a new interview.

Yandy tells Madame Noire:

“They’re talking about his middle child’s mom. And she is…while me and Mendeecees were broken up for a year and a half, he conceived a child with her. So she never put anything on her Instagram. She never said my name. But you know how blogs are. They always looking for something. They’re always like who’s this third child?

“His mom preferred him not to be on the show. His mom preferred us not to make it a public thing because they were not together. She doesn’t want her son in the public eye which is fine. We love him and he’s with us every weekend but she prefers for him not to be public.”

Check out the video below:


    1. Its new to me as well, he has three kids already besides Yang baby! He’s fine! I’d f-ck’em! Definitely Not RAW!!! Are you really surprise b-tches in his DMs!?! Whatever DMs is!?! I’d be in that b-tch too!!! He sexy….he don’t seem to be enough mad (hard) for me but like I said….I f-ck’em!

  1. Wait a minute. So he had the son while they were on a “break”? So he’s raw dogging it like that out in these streets?

    1. LOL probably wasn’t even on no damn break. She paused like she realized she was lying before she said it.

  2. Cute kids. I like Yandy but I just think this relationship is going to leave her heartbroken. It’s really looking like he’s going back to jail.

  3. Isn’t his next court date next month? She needs to emotionally prepare for his possibly going back to prison.

  4. Another woman who settled for a guy and can do so much better smh. I’m not buying this they were broken up for a year crap but whatever. Yandy is going to be stuck in the house raising a bunch of Mendeeces kids while he is serving time.

  5. first off yandy is a liar if you go to his middle baby momma instagram you will see she has been with mendecees since his oldest son was a baby hes like 8 now she has pics of herself and lil mendeccess when he was a baby i highly doubt you and yo dude break up and he has a fling with someone whos been in yall life clearly because she has picture proof for at least the past 8 years and now yall just cool and a big happy family girl who you trynna fool people always want to fall back on the “Break baby” lie if yall broke up and eventually got back to gether im sure yall had some communication so he shouldnt have been out there raw doggin while on this break. her and gabriel need to let that “BREAK” excuse go yall got cheated on the end or yall was the side-pieces. but dont degrade her or her son by saying they were a “BREAK FAMILY” grow up yandy yo dude is a drug dealer with multiple baby mommas B/c he has a daughter somewhere to so thats at least 4 babymommas and you think you a baby oprah girl cut it you lost!!

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