Lil Kim Isn’t Done with Nicki Minaj Yet

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Lil Kim reignited her public beef with Nicki Minaj, and she came for the Young Money star with her own verse to the “Flawless (Remix).” Although Nicki made it clear she’s not going to respond and she’d rather focus on the fact that she currently has two songs topping the iTunes chart, Lil Kim isn’t done with her yet.

In a new track Lil Kim posted to her Twitter account, the emcee is accusing Nicki of stealing her style.

“Identity Theft” is already getting people talking on social media and notable lyrics include:

I guess it’s time to go back to stashing guns in the bra again, pulling b*tches out the car again


You swagger jackers give the game a bad look
Pop sh*t on Twitter and apologize on Facebook
You was never hard
Check my repertoire
F*ck cash my name is a black card

Check it out below:


    1. LOL! I didn’t listen either I just scrolled down to write my comment but I’m chillin watching Cousins Undercover waiting on Suits to come on lol.

  1. Kim please stop it just stop it smh. She is coming across as bitter and jealous. You really want to show Nicki stop throwing jabs at her put out some quality music and some hit records.

  2. I’ll always appreciate the classic verses Kim spit back in the day but it’s over. She is acting petty, bitter, and no one wants to hear a woman rap about guns, violence, and sucking d-ck in 2014. That’s why Nicki went pop eventually and why Iggy is on top now. Women don’t want to hear this sh-t.

  3. Man I wish we could post pictures on here but the Barbs got Kim together on Twitter. One of them even photoshopped a ID with Kim on it and made all the words in Chinese. I’ve been laughing at it for like an hour now. LOL.

  4. Damn she’s still on this? Kim better learn how to handle young competition. This ain’t the way.

  5. I have a lot of respect for Kim but I think she’s making the wrong moves here. She could be out here getting new fans and connecting with the younger generation but she’s burning that bridge because she keeps going after Nicki. She’s hurting what is left of her career.

  6. Girl let that sh-t go please. Nobody cares but you and all five of your stans. Enjoy your baby and come back with hot music that isn’t centered on Nicki and just maybe you can actually do well.

  7. It is decent but she’s turning people off with this one sided beef. She’s another one beefing with herself. Nicki stopped caring years ago. She dragged Kim in that Monster verse and outdid Jay and ‘Ye at the same time. Nicki is corny but she can spit fire when she wants to. Move on Kim.

  8. For Kim to be a legend, she can learn a few things from Nicki. It’s ok to throw a little shade but you beat your competition with your success. You hop on dope features, start successful business ventures and put out a successful album. That’s the best kind of revenge. Not rapping about having guns in your bra and goons. Smh.

  9. I may in the majority but I actually liked it *shrugs* I just feel there needs to be more variety in female hip hop. Don’t drag me but I’m kinda over Nicki & I feel she’s been mediocre as of late. Now mixtape Nicki yas! I hope Remy gets some shine. She killed that DJ Khaled remix.

  10. Wait, ain’t she got a young ‘un to nurse? That baby should be keeping her way busier than this!

    1. It’s terrible but I don’t think most of the people who commented even listened to the song. #shade LMAOOO!

  11. Kim has to let it go at some point and just go back to doing her. Dragging Nicki makes her look like q bitter has been and she’s better than that!!!!!

  12. I’d rather see the female rappers ban together and make dope music like they used to. Maybe that’s just me though.

  13. So is Kim trying to go back to jail, who you know 40 year old new mother walking around here with a gun in her bra that is so tired. Kim ain’t going to kill nothing and let nothing die. Kim is mad cause Nikki is doing more now then Kim did in her lil time in the game.

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