Live Nation Shuts Down OTR Tour & Beyonce/Jay Z Divorce Rumors

Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For weeks now it’s been rumored that the Carters’ marriage is on the rocks and some sites like the New York Post even claimed that the tour wouldn’t even make it to the San Francisco date (the concert is today) but Live Nation is telling Billboard that the publication’s reports couldn’t be more false.

Not only were the reports of the tour being a flop inaccurate but the Carter’s tour definitely won’t be cancelled due to unconfirmed marriage problems.

Billboard writes:

Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run tour wraps in North America with two nights at AT&T Park in San Francisco, both tonight (August 5) and tomorrow night (August 6). The pair’s 19 North American shows will gross over $100 million in ticket sales and has sold at more than 90 percent capacity, according to Omar Al-Joulani, vp of North American touring for Live Nation, the promoter/producer of the tour. Attendance will top out at more than 850,000.

Al-Joulani declined to comment on press reports of rancor between the couple, adding that he hadn’t read it. Regarding such reports, and speculation that Live Nation might be losing money on the tour, Al-Joulani would only say, “everybody’s winning.” And regarding reports that the plug might be pulled on the tour, the promoter adds, “Production is loading-in in San Francisco as we speak.”


  1. I don’t know why people don’t see the media (especially the Post) is just making up stuff because of ElevatorGate.

    1. Oh they know it. They are just convincing themselves it’s true anyway because they hate Beyonce. The more successful she gets, the angrier they get.

    2. They know. They just don’t care. They just love a good opportunity to bash Beyonce. That’s all.

  2. Oh and I just wanted to add that the OTR tour now makes Beyonce the FIRST artist to ever have two successful $100 million tours in the same year. Slay a bit King!

    1. Yass!!!! Another day another slay!!!!! I love that Bey is still winning despite all these sites and magazines trying to tear her down on the Kardashian dime!!!!

  3. Smh at these rumors. The Post just won’t let them be even though most of their information has been wrong. Now watch them say they only stayed together after the tour because the relationship is a business arrangement. Y’all now that’s the next angle they will take when everyone sees there won’t be a divorce.

    1. It’s funny that you say that because the Post is already on that angle now that they’ve been called out for lying.

  4. We’ve never known any personal detail of Beyonce’s life since she’s been in the business unless she told us, so now why would know what’s going on in her marriage? The Post needs to have a seat and actually start doing real journalism again. They have become another Kardashian owned parasite just like TMZ and E. I should have known they were raggedy now when they pushed those fake Vogue numbers for Kim.

  5. People always want someone to divorce. My question is why doesn’t the media stalk Angelina and Brad like this?

    1. They do! Brad and Angie do the same thing as Jay and Bey, which is to ignore the tabloids and live their lives. Powerful couples are fodder for these so-called journalists.

      1. Agreed. And they have been doing it to Will and Jada too. It’s just part of the game. The Carters will be fine as you can see. They have mastered the art of always being unbothered.

  6. And the media takedown of another power black couple continues. First Will and Jada, and now Bey and Jay. Old tricks new targets.

    1. Man that’s what I was thinking! You have to be real hustler to make that kind of money in less than a month!

  7. Not a fan but I love to see black people in general doing good. So I hope they stay together and keep making all this money. It is really inspiring to read about their success.

  8. I’m from SF, and live close to AT&T. Jay and Bey are the hottest tickets on the planet right now…there is no way that tour would be canceled. Not with every Tom, Dick and Harry ready to sell their Mama to score a seat. Even if they’re any left – which I seriously doubt!

  9. Damn the Post is really lying now huh? The tour was never in trouble from the jump. And I did read when they said on the Post Jay and Bey were fighting so bad they called their lawyers and the tour wouldn’t make it to San Francisco. I knew that was some BS.

    1. Wendy is probably still repeating these divorce lies with her fingers crossed. She’s such a miserable human being.

  10. Damn 100 million tho? I swear the Carters started working even harder after Blue was born. They are doing whatever they can to make sure that little girl is taken care of. Can’t even hate on it.

  11. The Post has been wrong so many times about a lot of things. So I don’t know why people are trying to take them seriously now.

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