Are Lil Kim and Iggy Azalea Teaming up to Take Down Nicki Minaj?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago social media went crazy after Beyonce released the Flawless (Remix) which features Nicki Minaj because not too long after Lil Kim released her own version and she took multiple shots at Nicki.

Interestingly enough, Kim then released yet another diss song against Nicki hours after she released her own “Flawless” verse, but now it’s being rumored Kim and Iggy Azalea may actually team up on a track to take down Nicki.

And it appears T.I. may have confirmed the rumors.

In a recent interview with Hot 97, T.I. says:

“I got a call from Kim. She said it’s time to find that record to get [an Iggy collaboration] done.”


T.I. also claims Iggy also wants to work with Remy Ma too.


Check out the video below:


  1. If Kim does a track with Iggy just to spite Nicki I’m withdrawing my support. I can’t get behind one black woman being so desperate to tear down another black woman that they actually team up with a culture vulture.

  2. I love Kim but this is beneath her and makes her look like a sellout. I hope she doesn’t go through with this.

  3. Pathetic. I guess this is what they feel they have to do since they can’t get anything close to Nicki’s album sales right now.

  4. Kim is hurting her legacy with this tired beef with Nicki. She should have moved on YEARS ago. And teaming up with Icky? Girl, just stop it. Lmao.

  5. There’s really no need because Nicki is taking herself down with terrible new music and desperate album covers.

  6. I’ma need for Kim to let her issues with Nicki go. None of this is a good look for her. And will TI be writing Iggy’s verses for her because she’s lackluster on a good day.

  7. TI will be also looking stupid when this diss tape goes nowhere. Lately TI as been doing things that are so ratchet lately and putting Kim on a song with Iggy will be a bad move. People a still mad at TI for having a baby on Tiny. Nikki has more fans than KIM and this little white girl. Kim might want to do reality TV cause the music industry is not feeling her

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