Rihanna Ponders Big Business Move?

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna may be on the “Monster” tour with Eminem, but whispers are suggesting she’s also plotting to make some major business moves in sports.

According to the latest gossip, the singer is actually considering buying her own soccer team.

The Daily Mail reports:

According to reports, the Diamonds singer has her eyes firmly fixed on buying a UK football club, after she’s set up a soccer academy in her native Barbados.

A source said: ‘At first we thought Rihanna’s desire to be involved with soccer on a business level would soon blow over. We figured she was still on a high from the World Cup.

‘But now it’s becoming clear she really is serious. She’s talking about setting up a football academy in her native Barbados. Then her big dream is to be involved with a UK club.’

While Rihanna has designs on getting her hands on a British team, the 26-year-old beauty has also reportedly been considering options closer to her Tinsel Town home.

A source told the Daily Star: ‘Britain is like a second home to her, although she’s also hinted she may do something with an LA team.’


  1. Does she have enough money to buy a team? If so, she should go for it. The wealthy stay wealthy by diversifying their income streams.

    1. I think Rihanna is silently positioning herself to be the next young black mogul. She’s learning a lot from Jay Z.

    1. Preach! Just a damn shame how much interest you have to pay back. Marrying rich doesn’t sound bad when I think about my student loans real talk.

  2. Rih making big moves I also heard she is coming out with her own clothing line which I know will be successful because she definitely has a strong presence in fashion.

  3. Not a fan but this is awesome. I love to see black women doing good. Rihanna is so young but you can see she’s very ambitious. I like that.

  4. Riha knows you r e never in top of the music scene all the time. There’s always somebody nipping at your heels. Smart business is to diversify. I’m not sure she has the coin to buy a team outright, but she sure as heck can afford to be one of a few investors. Man U, or one of those other teams would be guaranteed moneyearners.

    Plus, I know my folks in B’dos would be happy as heck for a youth academy. To see our little islands at the World Cup is every nation’s dream on that side of the world. Go Riri!!!!

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