Kenya Moore Upset Porsha Williams is Making Jokes out of Reunion Assault

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We highly doubt that the upcoming season of RHOA will possibly bring a truce between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore, especially since both are still talking shots at one another on social media and shady interviews.

However, Porsha doesn’t seem to care much because she’s still on cloud nine from her new gig on Dish Nation, but apparently Kenya has become the butt of the jokes as a result.

When someone on Team Twirl told Kenya they felt it was awful Porsha keeps making jokes out of the reunion dragging Kenya received, Kenya responded with the following (read tweets from top to bottom):

kenya moore twitter


    1. Porsha came for kenya hard…….now porsha wanna play victim, bye girl….Porsha hit kenya, and drag her so she should take responsibility for her action….this little girl need to learn mommy can’t always protect u from ur action.

    1. You think kenya cares about porsha new gig? When I watch the ricky smiley show, there’s always a kenya Moore topic……Porsha always taking shot at kenya. Porsha didn’t say much about phaedra and appolo situation, or nene and wendy Williams beef. These people are her friends and she would never talk about them…….Kenya never say nothing negative about porsha, but the little cry baby is an opportunist because she know her and kenya brawl is the only thing that make her relevant. …her music sucks and she can’t act…….

      1. SMDH!
        Porsha just starving for attention.
        I don’t watch the show.
        Reading the blogs about Porsha’s ranting and raving about Kenya Moore.
        Porsha is dumb!
        I hope Kenya did not drop those charges against Porsha.
        Porsha is the bully and a big liar.
        Many people believe Kenya bullied Porsha.
        Also,Porsha claimed Kordell was abusing her physically.Right!
        Kenya Is always on Porsha’s mind.C
        Constantly! Sh** getting old.
        I know Porsha had other topics to talk about.
        Why didn’t Porsha bring up the story.About Nene’s son in a bedroom with a transgender. Porsha dare to bring that up as a topic.
        Porsha is so afraid of NENE.SMDH
        Porsha is very ignorant woman
        Porsha will fall hard. Kenya should just let the hussy talk.
        Porsha loves being the center of attention.
        Take off the wig, remove the makeup,remove fake breast and and butt injections.

        Porsha is nothing

  1. B-tch please! You wish you were important enough for her to be jailed behind molly-whopping your lumpy a-s. That is a misdemeanor, community service, fine at the most.

    Kenya is just salty as hell that she continues to lose at life.

    1. Kenya is not losing. ……She’s always making moves…….she is unfazed by little girl porsha. ……10 years from now, the world won’t remember porsha. Kenya won Ms. usa, she will already have a worthy title for life.

      1. Umm should y’all still be bragging about a title from 20 years ago? No shade, but I never heard of Kenya Moore until RHOA. Porsha is working, has a great radio job and her hair line is doing well too. Even Kenya agreed with her aunt when she said Porsha did well in Kandi’s play. Stop hating. And I don’t have a problem with Kenya but y’all need to stop downplaying all the other women on the show like they aren’t doing good too. I see Team Twirl do this to every other housewife and I think that’s childish. All of them are successful in their own way.

      2. Miss WHOSA won’t be anything but a footnote in 10 years. She wasn’t even the first black woman to hold the title like she lied and pretended to be. Who found out and called her on that lie…Porsha. Porsha got a job, and a weaveline, and kept her job after whooping Kenya’s a-s. Porsha!

        By my estimation, that’s Porsha 12, Kenya 0. Again, loser at life.

        1. That’s what’s up, KENYA needs to just do this lil show cause after this is over with she will be dust. One thing is for sure Kenya won’t say anything to Porsha cause she now knows Porsha is not the one.

  2. I question her sense of humor too. The bullhorn, threesome jokes, HIV jail jokes about Apollo….the list goes on.

  3. She thought Porsha was never going to get any more work after that good old fashion drag. But Porsha is working and Kenya is somewhere trying to find a man she can pay to be with her.

    1. Kenya is more famous than cry baby porsha. What has porsha has done. She’s a 33 years old cry baby….aka ms. Victim……Kenya Moore can bounce back…..Porsha still stuck on being a victim. Lol. Plus porsha is a video hoe that got lucky. She got THOTISM.

      1. Famous in what and what is Kenya currently doing? Right watching Porsha on Dish Nation.!!! Please get of this site with that bullsh-t. Kenya is a washed up USA what ever she was.

          1. Yes, I think that word describes you perfectly seeing as you don’t even know how to have a discussion on here like an adult.

      2. And Kenya sucked lots of D**** in the D. How many drug dealers you think passed her a-s around. THOT OF THE YEAR that’s Kenya’s new title.

        1. IGNORANT A-S!
          You mean Porsha on her knees and back.
          You are just like them mother f**** stupid.

        2. yOUR BUTT WAS NEXT TO HER.helping out right.
          Since, you claim this is what this lady is doing.
          Who cares about that mattres back b-tch on Dish Nation
          You act like the slut is made out of gold.
          Acting like some fing retard.
          Porsha got a job
          wHAT THA
          smdh freaking dumb lmao
          You sound so stupid/grow the hell up

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