Kimora Lee Simmons Comes Through for Mike Brown’s Family

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While some celebrities have taken to social media to tweet their thoughts on the Mike Brown story, more and more stars are coming forward and actually doing something to help the cause.

Kimora Lee Simmons is a St. Louis native, and the fashion mogul feels it would only be right to pay for Mike Brown’s funeral.

She tweeted the following recently (read tweets from top to bottom):

kimora lee simmons twitter


Black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha has also offered to pay for the slain teen’s funeral and you can contribute to Kimora’s Go Fund Me campaign here.

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  1. Like I said, times like these you get to see who is down for the race and who is a sellout.

  2. So instead of telling black people to shut up about Mike Brown because of black on black crime, she’s actually doing something to help his family. God bless her.

  3. Somethings doesn’t need to be announced, if it’s genuine why tell the world? I think that should have stayed between her & the family.

    1. Girl what? She announced it so others can donate money too. That was the point of her creating a Go Fund Me campaign. How will people know they can donate if she didn’t make an announcement? Did you even read the whole post? I doubt you did.

      1. I read it & I also read what she posed on intagram which she left out the “fund me campaign” so like I said in my first post it should have stayed between her & the family if it was genuine!

        1. I want you to go to Mike’s family and tell them the money raised wasn’t genuine. Tell them it won’t pay for funeral costs and any more expenses they couldn’t afford beforehand because it’s not genuine money. Tell them how disrespectful it was that Kimora, myself and others are donating money and spreading the campaign around on Twitter. Better yet, tell them how disrespectful it was for someone on Instagram to bring awareness to Mike’s death in the first place. How fake of that person to start a movement to get justice for their son! -_-

          1. I must of missed the announcement of them saying they couldn’t afford to bury their child.. you think your $2 really helping the cause? All of this is happening in my city, I’ve been to atleast 3 protests.. ya know, really fighting for justice. If Kimora actually wanted to pay for the funeral she could of with no help from you, if you really donated.. it was so many stars here lastnght with no cameras & no announcements for recognition, because it was genuine!

          2. @then there was you

            So now you’re going to get even more ignorant and make fun of how much money you THINK I donated? But how about the people who really couldn’t donate more than $2? Or even afford to go to the protests? They gave what they could you idiot. And no you’re NOT from Ferguson you POS. If you were, you’d have more compassion than you do and you would understand how important it is to give what you can, not mock people who can only give a little. Money is essential right now idiot. Even churches in Ferguson are asking for donations to feed protestors. But you wouldn’t know because you’re NOT a protestor. You’re a troll being negative simply because you don’t like Kimora. You are a disgusting piece of trash. Only a pathetic waste of space sits behind a computer all day and criticizes good deeds whether it’s done by celebs or people who don’t have much money to give in the first place. Don’t you ever address me again you heathen.

        1. I and many others have and that is why over $50,000 was already raised. Awareness made that possible. So while you’re complaining and criticizing a good deed, people like Kimora and I are actually doing something. The fact that you are the ONLY person on here that saw something negative about this says a lot about you. I am done talking to you. I don’t want your negative energy to bring me down like it has ruined this positive post.

          1. I been done talking to you before you threw your two cents in like the two cents you may Or may not have donated!

      1. Who’s criticizing? I stated my opinion & that’s what im standing on! Would you want the world to know who’s paying for one of your love one’s funeral?

        1. Yes, I would. Especially if I would’ve had difficulty paying for said funeral, and that person’s participation can bring awareness to the unjust circumstances under which my loved one died.

          You’re so busy being negative and finding fault, you’re missing the message and the point. Kimora did a very good thing. Point. Blank. Period!!!

  4. Sigh…let’s not criticize this woman for opening up her wallet and starting a Go Fund Me account to help Mike’s family. I’m sure this has really lifted their spirits some and that is worth it to me.

  5. She’s doing a great thing so I don’t know how anyone can be negative about it. #shrugs

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