Tameka Raymond Responds to ‘Atlanta Exes’ Backlash

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond is already easily one of the most talked about “Atlanta Exes” stars and just a couple of episodes into the new reality show, she’s already managed to get into it with Torrei Hart and rub the rest of the ladies the wrong way too.

Some suspect Tameka’s hard exterior and clever comebacks in arguments are just a means to hide her softie side, and apparently Tameka agrees.

She responded to criticism and tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

tameka raymond twitter 2

tameka raymond twitter


  1. That show is beyond whack and exaggerated I don’t even care about what any of them say or do cuz I’m nt watching……olive mevsome Usher and Ne-Yo….and that’s that

  2. I actually didn’t have a problem with Tameka until the 2nd episode that’s when she really started taking jabs at everyone. But what she told Sheree about how dressing her 11yr old daughter was absolutely correct and drinking with her other daughter was spot on. That Sheree lady is out of control I didn’t mind Tameka calling her out though lol.

  3. Tameka reminds me of NeNe a little bit. They say the uncomfortable truth and it rubs people the wrong way. Either way, I like her. She’s very entertaining.

  4. Tameka’s word cut you to the white meat. And she gets people together and looks unbothered while doing so. Its just so hilarious to me.

  5. I like Tameka’s messy a-s. I hollered when she told the security to let Traci’s dumb a-s go so she could run up on her. Tameka didn’t even flinch when Traci popped off.

  6. Tameka’s funky attitude was everything I expected it to be – no surprises there. Now I see why Usher bounced. To have to live with her critical, judgmental, miserable behind day in and day out would make me slit my wrists. But she’ll be the next Kenya Moore, mark my words. Never a friend to women, but always trying to be the center of attention. In other words, reality tv gold!!!

  7. I thought the point of her doing the show was to show people a softer side of her, not confirm that she really is a mean and angry person.

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