Bravo Spills RHOA Tea

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes leaving RHOA? It’s been rumored that Claudia Jordan and “House of Payne” star Demetria McKinney would be joining season seven of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but sources claimed the newbies didn’t sign official contracts so their roles may be limited.

But it appears Demetria is actually coming in to ultimately replace NeNe Leakes.

E! News (E! and Bravo are both owned by NBCUniversal) confirms that Bravo has indeed given Demetria a full-time housewife contract while Claudia will just make appearances to help stir up some drama. E! writes:

Singer-actress McKinney has officially signed on to be a full-time Housewife, while TV and radio personality Jordan will have a supporting role.


The other day NeNe hinted on Twitter that she could be walking away from the hit reality show after this upcoming season, and now a source tells US Weekly that NeNe’s contract is up and will not be renewed after season seven:

Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Phaedra Parks, and Porsha Williams will all be coming back for another year of cat fights, cocktails, and good times. Veteran Housewife NeNe Leakes, too, will be making a comeback for one final season; the budding actress and performer’s contract is up after season seven, one source explains.


So it looks like NeNe spilled her own tea on Twitter and she will officially walk away from the franchise after season seven wraps up.

Despite her RHOA run coming to an end, NeNe’s new fashion line has taken off and many items sold out just hours after the official launch. So the reality star will be expanding the line’s availability¬†to other countries.


  1. I knew it. Bravo would not bring on a new housewife at this point if they weren’t getting rid of someone. And I bet Claudia is just going through a season long audition and if they like her she will replace Porsha or Phaedra next season.

  2. Ehhh, there’s always speculation so I’ll wait till it happens first. I did say yesterday that Nene sold out HSN here and in Canada. Now she’s headed to the UK and South Africa later in the year. It be interesting to see if this clothing thing takes off for her.

  3. If NeNe is ready to go, then good for her. It does seem like she’s outgrown the show. It’s a lot of drama and there’s better ways for her to make money.

    1. I don’t blame her for wanting to leave now. The show has gotten way too catty now and it’s probably to enjoyable to do anymore. And I doubt NeNe will be the only one to leave too.

  4. NeNe also said in that magazine interview that she’s couldn’t leave after last season because of her contract but her contract ends after season seven. I do believe she’s done after season seven but it’s because she wants to be done.

  5. See I knew this was happening. Why else would Bravo bring on board two new people and they already have 6 full time housewives? They are going to gradually push NeNe out. She may not even get a lot of camera time this season either. I honestly don’t know if the show will survive without NeNe. Demetria doesn’t strike me as being messy enough to fill NeNe’s shoes.

  6. If this is true about NeNe leaving (and that’s a big IF), does that mean they will cancel the show as well? Because I’m tired of Kenya’s a-s, and I don’t think my eyes or ears can take another season of her.

  7. If this is true, this is the beginning of the end of RHOA. No shade to Demetria but she can’t replace NeNe. Kenya can’t either. The reunions are about to be so boring once NeNe is gone.

    1. I’m just surprised Demetria even wants to deal with all the drama that comes with doing the show. She seems like such a sweet person.

  8. Welp I’ll be stop watching once Nene is gone. You can say what you want about her, but she’s the most entertaining person on the show to me.

  9. I can’t keep up with all these anonymous people on here lol but one of them said this yesterday that NeNe was definitely getting replaced. I didn’t really believe it but whoever said that they were spot on.

    1. It was me lol. And expect Porsha’s exit as well. This has been coming for a good minute. Bringing Kenya in was strategic since day one.

        1. I get you don’t like Kenya, but that doesn’t mean her entry into RHOA wasn’t strategic. NeNe’s exit has been in the works for a good minute. They hate paying her that salary and Kenya is cheaper. NeNe knows this and that is one reason she never liked Kenya. She saw from day one what the producers were trying to do. NeNe is very smart and knows how the business works. She was not blindsided by any of this.

          1. But my thing is does Kenya not understand that what’s happening to NeNe can happen to her? Reality shows don’t usually have long lifespans. People get replaced all the time. NeNe should get respect for helping RHOA become a success and outlasting all the other original girls. And she actually made a career for herself outside of RHOA. When will Kenya?

          2. You’re right, I don’t like Kenya, but I don’t agree her addition was strategic. Like all the other franchises, I feel she was brought in to add to the existing women, that’s all. Nene herself said their contracts are created for a certain amount of seasons, and the producers decide who to renew or not. Nene’s contract has been renewed every year, so the producers weren’t that eager to get rid of her. She and Kenya will never get along because Nene sniffed out that Kenya was an opportunist, who was willing to stab whomever in the back for her measly paycheck. She’s a user, and doesn’t know how to be a friend to women. It’s that simple.

          3. I’m not even going to get into the contract thing because that’s way too much to type. But know that everything is strategic with reality television. But whatever, I’ll let time confirm what I have been typing on here as it always does. Expect NeNe to spill all the tea after she leaves the show.

      1. It was smart to bring Kenya on board. Messiness is what makes people watch reality shows. She’s the queen of messiness. However, Nene is the show’s staple. I can’t imagine the show without her.

  10. RHOA is going in a direction I do not like. No NeNe, no show. I tolerate Kenya but NeNe has always been my favorite.

  11. It won’t be the same without NeNe. But it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be there anymore. Her fallout with Cynthia was the last straw.

  12. I do believe this is Nene’s last season. 2 new people joining the cast was a pretty big indicator that some people are leaving and Nene did tweet she couldn’t wait to be out of the circle. That sounded to me like she is walking away. But she will be fine. Her clothes are selling and her agent is the bomb. She’s good.

  13. I find it interesting that Bravo is so quick to not renew Nene’s contract, but will let Teresa Giudices keep pulling a check. If there was ever a housewife who needed to be gone from the franchise, she’s it.

    1. I think Bravo is racist. Notice they hate promoting RHOA and like to promote the white franchises instead. It backfired though because RHOA is now the most watched show on the network. I know they hate that.

  14. Damn Nene is the only one who makes me laugh and has the best one liners. Bravo is making a big mistake.

  15. Yeah I can see this being true. I thought it was odd they are bringing two new people in and NeNe has been over the show for months now anyway. If she does leave, I can’t promise I will keep watching.

  16. There will never be another Nene but if she’s ready to leave, then I think she should. Never stay where you don’t really want to be.

  17. Nene is the show, and if she leaves RHOA will definitely be a FLOP. I only w as the because of NeNe everyone else is boring and Kenya need mental help.

  18. Wow, it is truly the end of an era after this upcoming season. I’ve had my ups and downs with NeNe but I will always be a fan of her humor and hustle. I think the show will survive without NeNe but the dynamic will be drastically different. This may not end well but I do hope Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha and Cynthia hold it down.

  19. The highest paid housewife (Nene) of the highest rated Housewife franchise (Real Housewives of Atlanta), not coming back??? I’m sure the producers will do all that they can to insure Ms. Nene is happy. She’s been on this show since day one. This is one rumor that I’ll never believe unless I hear it from Nene herself. I mean really though!! Please people find SOMETHING ELSE to gossip about!

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