Genuine? Watch Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea’s VMAs Backstage Moment

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many thought Nicki Minaj was shading up and coming female rapper Iggy Azalea when she talked about authenticity and why she thinks it’s important to write her own lyrics during her acceptance speech at the BET Awards, but Nicki later denied throwing shade to Iggy on her Twitter account.

That of course hasn’t stopped many from suspecting there’s budding animosity between both artists but last night at the VMAs, Iggy actually congratulated Nicki on her performance backstage:

Genuine or forced? You decide.


  1. Ugh, can’t stand Iggy! Had some idiot try to read me on a fashion site because I pointed out that her fake butt ain’t sample sized like the Versace she squeezed into, and all I could see was fupa. The utter nerve!

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