BET & Karrueche Tran Come for Blue Ivy (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BET is no stranger to controversy, so it’s becoming more and more clear that just maybe the network’s track record of dissing black artists is the main reason many eventually stop supporting the network.

Although Beyonce has a long history of supporting BET via the BET Awards and the BET Experience, apparently the network is salty about her critically acclaimed performance at this year’s VMAs.

Beyonce was on tour during the 2014 BET Awards, and sent the network an exclusive clip of a performance to make up for her absence. That didn’t stop BET from coming for her daughter Blue Ivy though.

Yesterday, Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran was a guest host for “106 & Park,” and in a segment entitled “The Top 6 Things Blue Ivy Thought About the VMAs,” they actually took disgusting jabs at the toddler’s natural and kinky hair.

Karrueche said:

“I really did wake up like this because my parents never comb my hair.”

Karrueche then began to laugh and stated she loves Blue Ivy and then took to Twitter to alert the BeyHive that she didn’t write the script (read tweets from bottom to top):

karueche twitter

Of course Karrueche has been getting dragged terribly since last night, and she’s already lost lots of followers on her social media accounts.

We honestly think BET should also be held responsible because whispers around the industry are they are furious Beyonce didn’t perform, and were willing to get anyone to do their dirty work.

It’s pretty pathetic that a black network would make fun of a black child with natural hair, but we can’t say we’re surprised given BET’s track record.

carters gif

UPDATE: BET has apologized on the network’s official Twitter account.

Check out the tweets below (read tweets from bottom to top):

bet twitter


  1. Karrueche is such a dumbs-s. Now she has two major fan bases who can’t stand her. It doesn’t matter what the teleprompter said, she has a brain and could have refrained from going along with it. She’s a pathetic human being.

  2. Yet you will find she’s gushing over North West on her IG account. Karrueche is the typical biracial bird. They think they are better than black women and they feel superior to anyone who is black. And BET is the worst. They won’t get anymore ratings from me.

  3. It’s cool. Blue will grow up and have better edges and longer hair than all the THOTs shading her. Mark my words.

  4. Wow. I can’t even defend her or BET. But I will say BET is the bigger problem. They are supposed to be a black network and here they are tearing down a black baby with black hair and hiring people who aren’t even black to host their shows. Crazy.

  5. What kind of c–n sh-t is this? Does Kae not understand that at 2 Blue is already more famous and rich than her needing gas money a-s is? And does BET not understand that if they keep this sh-t up none of the black A listers will ever attend their sh-tty awards show again? They have already lost Rihanna, Drake and now Jay and Bey. Idiots must run that network.

  6. And this is why I can’t stand this b-tch. No backbone whatsoever. Like she couldn’t tell BET no? Does she not realize that little girl can already buy and sell her trifling a-s? Ugh! I blame her fans for making this fool think that laying under Chris somehow gives her a platform. As for BET……..

  7. I am not surprised BET put Karrueche’s air headed a-s up to this. I hope Bey and Jay never go their awards show ever again. Kids should always be off limits.

  8. She can say she didn’t write the script all the wants but did she have to giggle too? Heck, even the guy on the video played it off better than her. I’m starting to think this girl loves playing the victim to gain followers. I wonder if she would have read some of those #askkarrueche questions had they been on the teleprompter too. My guess is not, she wouldn’t play dumb then.

  9. I’ve been dragging her since last night. I hate when people come for Blue’s hair because if she was a mixed baby they would have nothing to say about her hair. Stupid people really feel those of us with kinky hair should aways hide it away in braids, beads, relaxers, and wigs. Lord forbid you actually wear it out because then they said you need to comb it. Ignorance at its finest.

  10. She’s being dragged because she laughed and everyone knows she fawns over North West. BET ain’t sh-t and neither is Karrueche.

  11. The stans can drag Karrueche all they want to but they need to be in BET’s mentions. How does a black network shade natural hair?

  12. Yass drag her BeyHive!!!!! She’s a selfish, evil and manipulative gold digger who doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

  13. Really??? Why is this bish even able to host anything?? What has she done besides fck CB?? Anyway, I knw this bish got dragged by the Navy (as always) and now BeyHive…..I never liked her cuz she is a pretension phony azz bish. She is probably more hated now than Kim….I hope she loses all her followers. Talking about a kid. Hope Jay and Bey black list this nobody….she is about to not eat unless CB is actually feedin her azz

  14. OAN: I do believe Jay & Bey been done wit BET. I always talk about that…when they have their awards. bey and Jay ain’t Neva there anyway LMAO

  15. I blame BET and Karrueche. BET lacks class and Kae lacks brains because she should have refused. People need to stop letting BET use them to do their f-ckery. Now there’s a whole new fan base who will be dragging her just because like they do Keri Hilson.

  16. Beyonce and Jay Z are one of the only black power couples we have and they want to degrade their black child’s hair? I know I won’t be supporting this network ever again because not only are they disrespecting Blue, but they are disrespecting most of us since she has the kind of hair most black people are born with.

  17. People stay coming for Beyonce, her marriage and her child. Damn miserable people are the absolute worst.

  18. Actually the thought that it happened in the first place is enough for me to know I’m doing right by not watching it.

  19. Karrueche doesn’t get a pass. She sat up on that show and pouted her lips out to mock and laughed after she read that joke. She thought it was funny and didn’t mind reading it. As far as I’m concerned Karrueche and BET can have a whole stadium of seats. Apologize because you really think you’re wrong, not to silence the backlash.

  20. The apology is useless. The network just confirmed what it feels about black features and kinky hair. I won’t be supporting them.

  21. This is a terrible look for a black television network. I hope Bey never performs for them again or let alone shows up.

  22. Kockroache has her nerve. What do you expect from this weak girl? She’s Chris Brown’s doormat. She’s already proven that she can’t think for herself. Why was she on 106 & Park anyway? What does she do besides let Chris treat her any kind of way? As for EBT, you wonder why Bey gave y’all a YouTube video for her performance? Because this network is crap and isn’t worth her time, much less anyone else’s time!

  23. Karr needs to go away & never come back. If only we can go back to the days where a chick didn’t become famous or shoved down our throats b/c of who she’s dating. & EBT needs to be off air. Who watches this channel anyway? I’ll wait.

  24. BET is so lame they have segment about another station’s award show. Let’s turn on MTV and see what they have to say about the BET Awards… *crickets*

    I don’t watch BET and this is a reminder why. They are an embarrassment to my race. Why does 106th & Park still come on??? Who even watches that trash? If I wanna see a video, I go on YouTube and find the artists’ Vevo. BET literally serves no purpose which is why Bey didn’t even bother to come. So disgusting for them to come for a child and I’m not even wasting not one d4mn character and Chris Brown’s whore. We are wrong for expecting that bird to think for herself.

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