Beyonce & Jay Z Shut Down ‘106 & Park’

Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman
Photo Credit: Rob Hoffman

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day BET and Karrueche Tran caught one hell of a dragging on social media after they took some pretty disrespectful shots at Blue Ivy’s mane.

Although the network eventually apologized on Twitter, it’s now being rumored that the show will not be shown anymore this week as a result of the backlash. Apparently it’s being rumored that this was the network’s way of showing Beyonce and Jay Z how serious they are about making things right with them.

Hip Hop blogger Karen Civil tweets:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.30.29 AM


Interestingly enough, Karrueche also penned an open apology letter on her Instagram account:

karrueche instagram
karrueche instagram 2


BET is claiming the show’s hiatus was already in the works prior to Blue Ivy Gate, however that conflicts the network reportedly booking Karrueche as a guest host for the rest of the week.


  1. And the moral of the day is: You can come for the Carters, they will just ignore, but you mess with Blue Ivy, and you will get f-cked!!!

  2. They need to just cancel the show altogether. It hasn’t been good since Free and AJ were fired. Actually that applies to the whole network…hasn’t been good since AJ and Free left.

    1. hasnt been good since the black man sold out and sold it to the you know what man. HAHA.

      same pattern.

  3. The fact that a black network actually and writers on board who thought it would be hilarious to go after a black child’s kinky hair solidifies why that network is toxic and should not be supported.

  4. So what does this even fix? It should have never happened because BET is supposed to be a television network that caters to African Americans. They also need to explain why they keep trying to hire non black women to host 106 & Park. Are black women no longer good enough for the job?

    1. Black women haven’t been good enough for 106 in a long time according to BET. The funny thing is the show was the most successful when a black woman with natural hair was hosting it. BET doesn’t know it’s real target audience and that’s why it’s been struggling. People are tired of it.

    2. I agree with the both of you. There’s no way around this. A black television network should not be mocking black babies and black hair. I liked Kae before this but I’m done with her and BET.

  5. SMH at Karrueche still not taking full ownership for her part in all of this:

    “I apologize for the comments BET executed through me…”

  6. Just black list the network & her please. They both need to go away, neither are interesting. Only show outside of 106 I can name is RHOH. & what does Karr do other than be a walking embarrassment? I’ll wait.

  7. Just more proof that Black Entertainment Television is nowhere near Black nor is it Entertaining.

  8. I’m not impressed. Should have never happened in the first place. Not showing that dry a-s show for the rest of the week doesn’t make it better. They came for a toddler. They are a deplorable network. And Karrueche can miss me with this raggedy apology of hers. She’s still not taking any responsibility in going along with the joke and even laughing at it afterwards. I see she praises North West all the time, so I’m not surprised she doesn’t have so much love for the black baby with kinky hair. Our whole society is disgusting.

  9. I have to LOL at Karrueche’s weak apology. BET didn’t force her to do anything. She went along with it and she thought it was funny at the time. She didn’t realize she was in trouble until those tweets from the Hive came rolling in.

    1. Nah! Something tells Jay especially ain’t through with BET yet. That man is powerful in his own right, and has equally powerful friends. BET is gonna regret this one for a while.

      And Kae might as well give up the ghost, and call it a day. Chris Brown will be her one and only ticket through anymore doors moving forward. She may think losing this little hosting gig is as bad as it gets….she ain’t seen nothing yet.

  10. So she had to sneak in the victim card once more?? “all this negativity and death wishes are quite a lot” Umm how does she think Beyoncé feels about constantly reading trash about her marriage and her daughter too? This apology would have been much better if she would have stuck accepting her wrong doing and not trying to justify it. Besides, that picture doesn’t go well with the apology. I don’t think the Beyhive will forget about this.

  11. Oh shut the hell up Karrueche. You didn’t have to say it. You went along with it and laughed like the thirst bucket you are. But you’re a doormat so no one should be surprised you even lack a backbone when it comes to your invisible career.

  12. None of these apologies sound sincere. I think Kae and BET really thought the public would find it funny and laugh at it since people have been going in on Blue’s hair hard for a while now. But people are fed up. Leave that black baby the hell alone.

  13. This is still terrible. I already don’t watch BET but Kae will never get a ounce of sympathy from me again.

  14. Is this supposed to make us forget what was said? It won’t. BET dragged Bey’s baby the day after one of the biggest moments of her career. There are so many wrongs in all of this.

  15. BET hasn’t been “black” for a long while so it doesn’t surprise me that some mess like this would happen from a “black” network that isn’t owned by blacks anyway. Then the comment is coming from a non-black woman

  16. This just confirms what I thought all along. Karrueche was never a real Beyonce fan. She only pretended to be to try to get under Rih’s skin but Rih doesn’t even give a damn. No real member of the BeyHive would have went along with that ish. And let’s talk about how Kae used to stan for Rih before Chris started paying her bills. Look her old tweets. That girl is all kinds of fake. I hope Beyonce never gives her the time of day now.

  17. Like I told Koochie on IG…..she betta just forget about the career she never had cause she will never have 1 after this stunt….have several seats now and play ur position we’ll wit CB… for BET Jay and Bey already don’t fck wit them. I can’t even remember the last time they did show up for a BET award show or anything concerning BET….and I thought it was cause it’s a Black Network so Jay and Bey didn’t think they were important but like every1 started…..BET thinks its cute to get these non black females to host 106&park….I’m from the generation of Free & AJ….I was in HS when they were on the air those were the best yrs and the best it will most likely be for BET

  18. If I were Jayonce I would never do anything associated with BET again. They clearly don’t respect them or Blue Ivy.

  19. I’m so over this faux concern for Blue Ivy and her hair. The truth is none of these people talking slick give a damn about that child’s well being. They just want to say anything possible to hurt Beyonce because they re so bitter she’s so successful.

  20. It’s the second time she disses a black person first she did it to Aliyah and now the innocent baby.. she needs to go .BET is now BET again Stephen Hill and posse needs to do something.. and the funniest thing is she’s always wants to dress /looks like Aliyah or Rihana..she has to go or shut it down.

  21. When are these non factor b-tches going to learn you don’t f-ck with Beyoncé or her baby. This little skinny b-tch just f-cked hers off. She better hope Chris keep making money cause it a rap for her a-s.

  22. Yes BET was wrong for what they said but don’t forget MTV didn’t even want to play black videos!!!!!! Michael Jackson was the first black video they ever played and that was in the 80’s!!!! So at the end of the day BET is still for the culture. Btw whitney Houston was the first black woman to ever win a award at the vmas in the early 90’s!!!! Don’t forget where you come from and I love beyonce music btw.

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