Bow Wow Calls out Karrueche Tran for Blue Ivy Diss

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day BET and Karrueche Tran caught a lot of backlash after Karrueche read a distasteful joke on air about Blue Ivy’s hair, and the network was forced to apologize and even suspend one of the producers of “106 & Park.” It was also rumored that the incident is the reason the show is on a hiatus for the rest of the week, but Bow Wow is downplaying that the incident is the cause behind the show’s hiatus.

In Instagram videos, he says:

“Nah man, y’all crazy. No, we’re not getting suspended, we’re not going off the air. We’re on hiatus, that’s why you haven’t seen me on the show as of late because I’ve been using my time to actually fllm for CSI. So I just wanted to go ahead and clear that up for everybody out there not knowing the truth.

“We all pull our pants up the same, you know what I mean? Everybody talk about everybody. ‘The View,’ you know what I mean? ‘First Take.’ When Stephen A. Smith said what he said, they didn’t suspend the whole show. They just dealt with Stephen A. Smith. We ain’t going on a hiatus because of Karrueche either. We’re doing what we do every fall.”


Rumor has it BET is working overtime to make sure people don’t correlate the show’s hiatus to the Blue Ivy drama.

Karrueche claims she had no choice but to read the teleprompter and go through with the joke, but Bow Wow said that if he was in Karrueche’s shoes that day, he would not have read the joke on air:

“Now a brother like me? Would I have read that sh*t? Hell nah! Nope! Uh-uh. Wouldn’t have did it. Nope! Uh-uh! Nope! Not on duty.”

Check out the Instagram videos below:


  1. The more BET tries to downplay punishing people for what happened, the more I’m convinced I never need to watch that network again.

  2. So even motormouth Bow Wow has more sense than the doormat. She should have never gone through with it. Period.

  3. The teleprompter excuse was weak as hell anyway. Karrueche thought it was funny and even laughed like it was witty or something. She failed herself and I’m glad she got dragged.

  4. So Bow Wow climbing on the late train to help clean up for BET, I see! Woulda, coulda, shoulda…at the end of the day he is willing to be an Uncle Tom on an anti-black network for some coins.

  5. I still don’t understand how anyone could write the joke and someone could read and think we’d all laugh. Ole girl needs to fade to black cause she’s not cut for that industry

  6. Would he really not have read it? I mean this is the same fool who had no problems discussing his ex girlfriends’ head game on national television.

  7. Is this c–n really defending a black network making fun of a black baby’s kinky hair? What a dumba-s.

  8. PS, Bow Wow. CSI jumped the shark when they hired Kim K and Justin Beiber to guest star. You playing “Random Thug #2 is nothing to brag about!

  9. It all comes down to BET being mad that Beyonce curved them and performed at the MTV awards. But Beyonce has performed at the BET awards for years ever since Destiny’s Child days and this is how they treat her. Ungrateful b-tches! They knew exactly what they were doing they used a dummy like Karrueche who they knew would be stupid enough to say a idiotic statement about a child. Now they in panic mode because of the backlash 106 & park ain’t been sh-t since AJ & Free left.

  10. BET is so lame. I wonder how their awards will survive now that they burned bridges with Rihanna, Drake, Beyonce and Jay Z. Hell even Kanye won’t be attending now because he ain’t thinking about black folks no more. I know they won’t get ratings from me though.

  11. I wish he would shut the hell up. He’s always running his mouth and looking dumb out here. All this shucking and jiving for BET better be paying him well. Smh.

  12. Damage control. Seems like BET didn’t like people knowing how much clout Bey and Jay have. That lets me know they are still upset about her performing at the VMAs.

  13. Nobody asked him. Doesn’t he need to be chasing Erica Mena’s bird a-s around? Or is she back to faking being a lesbian?

  14. What does The View and Stephen A Smith have to do with anything? Did either of them bash a black baby’s hair?

  15. And he got that CSI gig right on time because I expect 106 to get cancelled. No one was watching it before the Blue Ivy thing and they damn sure won’t be watching now. That’s what they get for firing Free and AJ.

  16. It was just tacky for them to go after a baby. And the way they are handing it is unprofessional too. Don’t have your minion Bow Wow trying to make little of a big problem. And tweeting that apology was wack too.

  17. He didn’t need to comment on anything. I feel like BET is just trying to get their employees to do damage control. Keke Palmer just wrote an open letter to Beyonce praising her and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

    1. When Wendell Williams pens her open letter to Beyonce then we’ll really know what time it is. Wendell’s hateful a-s can’t stand Beyonce.

  18. Can’t stand him but I’m glad he admitted the obvious which is Karrueche did have a choice and didn’t have to go through with it.

  19. WOW, really all? Yes it was a distasteful comment Karruche said. I’m sure this is a learning stone for her. Black people really need to stop tearing down our own culture. We need to stop hating as well. No we will not like all the shows that is out there from our culture, so you don’t have to watch it or go to the movies to see it, but you don’t have to tear eachother down either. People are on here and on other blogs acting as if they are perfect when the truth of the matter most are probably doing dumb sh*t every day. The difference is that they are unknown. Entertainers are human and not perfect. What you see when they are entertaining is just that entertainment. So when you make the idiotic comments, remember the idiotic BS you did about a minute ago. I’m so done with all the Uncle Tom calling of our people. It makes me wonder if given the circumstances, how would you react. It’s so easy to say I would have or I would not have. And that is all I have to say about that.

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