Beyonce Gets Good News

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce’s Vanguard performance at this year’s VMAs was a huge deal but it was quickly overshadowed by BET’s dissing of Blue Ivy’s hair. However, the singer will probably be happy to know that her latest album is seeing a huge boost in sales as a result of the performance.

Forbes writes:

Having not only the most screen time but perhaps the best performance, Beyoncé saw some of the biggest gains in sales after the show. Her Beyoncé album rose from #40 to #7 on iTunes, increasing in sales by more than 1,400%. It is worth noting that the album was released in December, where it immediately went to number one, and has continued to sell ever since, so rising in sales over 1,000% is a feat not to be underestimated.

On top of that, every song she performed—if only for one verse or for less than a minute—also saw impressive gains. In order of how much each track grew in sales, here are her tracks: “XO” (up 1,648%), “Flawless” (up 1,237%), “Rocket” (up 584%), “Partition” (up 390%), “Pretty Hurts” (up 332%), and “Drunk In Love” (up 324%).



Beyonce isn’t the only one who saw a boost in sales. Other performers of the night such as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj saw pretty significant gains too.


  1. Expect an increase in stories dissing the family now. After all, Beyonce can never be as good as these numbers say she is.

  2. Not a fan but I’m happy for her. I just wish more black women could succeed in the business too. They aren’t giving black artists enough attention anymore even though they keep stealing our sound. The mere fact that Bey is still standing is a testament to how strong her fan base is.

      1. I absolutely adore 4. I think it actually shows why she is solid in this business. Not a huge fan, but she is gifted and has her talent perfected.

    1. I didn’t think she could outdo her first album but she did with B Day. 4 was so damn good and underrated! And Beyonce is great album too. I Am…Sasha Fierce was great too. Ugh I can’t rank them!

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