‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ Stars Beef over Ray J

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Teairra Mari and Princess Love beef over Ray J is heating up. Just months after coming to blows over Ray J, it appears things haven’t calmed down much. We’re just a few weeks away from the premiere of Mona Scott Young’s new spinoff “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” and already the cast has taken to their social media accounts to turn up and allow their squabbles on the net to get folks anticipating the show’s premiere.

Ray J has been billed as the show’s top star so it’s no shock that he too will be at the center of a love triangle.

Ray J was had a public romance with R&B singer Teairra Mari but broke things off with her to start dating Floyd Mayweather’s “ex-girlfriend” Princess Love.

And both ladies have taken to Instagram to fire shots at one another (screenshots obtained by Baller Alert):

princess love teairra mari instagram copy


  1. You’ve really failed at life if you’re arguing on Instagram over Ray J. In what Universe is he a catch?

  2. I hate when broke people try to be materialistic. How can you make fun of someone wearing Steve Madden when you’re so desperate for cash you’re doing Love and Hip Hop? Wealthy people aren’t on Love and Hip Hop.

    1. I can’t lie I kinda felt some kinda way when she tried to clown wearing steve madden shoes I wear them lol. Steve madden shoes ain’t cheap b-tch.

  3. Damn I remember when Teairra Mari was hot when I was in middle school she fell completely off. Both chicks are at the bottom of the barrel if they arguing over Ray J. Time to reevaluate your lives ladies.

    1. PREACH!!!! Cussing somebody out, ain’t the same as reading them. But these crows would never figure that out.

  4. These women put more effort into fighting on IG than working on their careers. I bet if they put the BS aside, stratagized and came up with a game plan they could actually do something productive but no. People want to choose the ignorant route.

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