Tameka Raymond Responds to Usher’s Interview

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Usher stopped by Dish Nation to announce his upcoming tour and the R&B singer also opened up a little about his ex-wife Tameka Raymond and her new reality show “Atlanta Exes.”

When asked if he cares about her doing the show, Usher said he doesn’t and he has never seen an episode because he’s been too busy with his music career and parenting their two sons.

Usher also admitted that he hopes Tameka will let go of his last name when he marries again.

Now some folks seem to think Usher’s comments had a little bit of shade in them. But interestingly enough, Tameka is unfazed by Usher’s comments and she doesn’t think he was being shady in any of his responses.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

tameka raymond twitter


    1. And it could have. Usher has said some pretty evil things to Tameka in the past and vice versa. But she’s being naive to think there was no shade here. Usher wants her to give him back his last name and he wants her to move on with her life. It’s sad that she’s not just holding on to his last name but even some of his clothes.

  1. I’m not surprised Tameka couldn’t detect the shade. She also couldn’t detect her marriage was in trouble either.

  2. I think Tameka just knows from past dealings with Usher that he could have said much worse. They did have a terrible breakup.

  3. She really needs to move on with her life. Usher has. What sense does it make to hold on to a failed marriage? Smart women don’t do that.

  4. Tameka knows damn well that man was being shady but I guess she needs to force herself to believe otherwise. I think she will snap if Usher goes get married again.

  5. well… i love tameka i truly do but he shaded the he|| out of her when he was asked how he felt about her holding on to hi last name, and usher said

    “She married me. I’ll marry again. And when I do, I don’t want to have a harem. I just hope that when I do, it will be a departure.”

  6. she should have just taken the tina turner route, kept it trill, and said nyigga fuq you this my name now and im keepin it SO eat glass! LOL

  7. I have never commented on a post before (usually others convey my sentiments),however; as a mother of three small children(yes we were married prior to procreation; and all have the same father) I keep my husband’s last name not for me but for them because they don’t understand the difference. I am apart of a car pool and one day one one of one of the kids spoke about their siblings and the different last names they had. My children were so confused as to how could you be siblings and not have that same mother and father along with the same last name. So after the conversation I had with my children I spoke to my abusive estranged husband and explained to him how important it is to set an example for the kids,(although he doesn’t live by it) why I’m not going to change my last name until I’m remarried and that I’ll never put him on child support(the government shouldn’t have to make you take care of your kids).Although it’s a grim situation that all of my family and friends scoff at I pain taking do everything by myself(because he doesn’t help at all) and still give him props. Sorry for the long rant but I’m saying this because sometimes its deeper than just holding on to a relationship.

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