GQ Separates Itself from Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian was elated to receive the “Woman of the Year” award from British GQ, but there’s plenty of folks outraged with the publication’s decision to crown Kanye West’s wife with such an honor.

Interestingly enough, some people have it confused and mistakenly thought US GQ gave Kim the title and the magazine has been trying to clear up the confusion for several days now. In fact, GQ has been responding to every complaint and trying its hardest to separate itself from the reality star:

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    1. Isn’t it funny that it was with the British one that Kanye brokered that deal for her to get the cover? I bet you the US publication laughed in both their faces at the suggestion.

  1. Another confirmation. I told y’all I suspected Kanye got her this title via a deal for posing for GQ US. It’s obvious Kanye wants Kim to be Beyonce so bad he’s making all these deals with magazines to get her on more covers. That’s what happened with Vogue too. I bet he told Anna Wintour he wouldn’t cover Vogue unless Kim was with him. How pathetic. Chick swears she’s so famous but her man has to get her her magazine covers.

    1. I actually believed you because it makes sense. Kim’s Vogue cover flopped. It was one of the least selling issues of the year but it was the most hyped up one. Kim can attract a lot of buzz, but it doesn’t translate into anything tangible like high magazine sales and real wealth. She’s famous for being famous and if she keeps paying for these random titles and media attention (I’m convinced her family pays for all the press they get now since no one watches their show anymore), they are going to end up broke and Z list.

      1. Yeah it’s all smoke and mirrors with them. I think Kanye and Kim are having money problems. They have been acting real desperate lately like the money is getting low. I think Kim should find a real business to get into like producing a reality show on her own.

        1. I think they realize that people are tired of them period, and so they’re desperate to do any and everything to stay in the public eye. Kanye can scream at and about the paparazzi all day, but he’s an even bigger media whore than kim.

    2. Don’t forget about her fake social media followers. Kim and her fam got exposed a few months ago for purchasing most of their followers. They bought millions of followers so they could look more popular than they really are. Add that to the fact that they write checks for most of the biggest gossip sites and tabloids to keep their names out there and still have to pay the paps to care about them.

    1. British GQ has a circulation of 114,867 readers while US GQ has a circulation of 824,334 readers monthly. *sips tea*

  2. Kim has such low self esteem it’s hilarious. She will go where she’s not wanted, beg for magazine covers, and call the paps just to make it seem like she’s more important than she really is. I wonder if she has money problems too. Her and Kanye are doing too much fronting to be as wealthy as they claim to be.

  3. I’m starting to feel bad for Kim. She wants to be A list so bad but she’s not. I mean she’s more like the Country’s favorite running joke and she just isn’t taken seriously. And now that Kanye is married to her, he’s in the same boat by default. It’s kind of sad when you think about it because they want to be liked and accepted so bad.

    1. Feel bad for what? Kim isn’t some hard working, talented person. Why feel bad for someone famous for absolutely nothing besides a sextape?

  4. You can’t keep shoving yourself down people’s throats and expect things to work out in your favor. The overexposure is finally starting to hurt the Kardashians. They can’t sell magazines anymore, the ratings for the show are tragic, and the little Jenner girls aren’t interesting enough to carry the torch. They need to invest the money they have now so they can still be ok when their 15 minutes is up. It was a good run while it lasted. No need to hang on to what never was.

  5. Why doesn’t Kanye understand that all the magazine covers in the world can’t change how most people view Kim? It’s like he’s gotten desperate to change people’s opinions about Kim.

  6. Kimye is falling off. No one even cared enough to watch their wedding. So the only thing that can save Kanye is putting out good music. If he puts out more trash again, people will be done with him.

  7. GQ played Kanye and Kim. They wanted Kanye bad for their cover but wouldn’t even give his wife the award from the real magazine.

  8. Yeah people have been going in on GQ for like a week now about it. They should have never agreed to give her the title. It doesn’t matter if its the British one or not, it’s still part of their brand.

    1. Unfortunately, each country’s publication is run like a separate entity. The US one wouldn’t have any say so in what the British one does – and vice versa.

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