Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida’s Marriage Still in Trouble (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Today “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Apollo Nida turned himself into prison to begin serving his eight year sentence, but it’s been rumored for months that his marriage to Phaedra is on the rocks. In fact, Apollo was furious when Phaedra didn’t show up to his sentencing and he’s been hitting up strip joints and nightclubs plenty causing some to suspect the marriage is pretty much over.

Now TMZ is claiming the marriage is still in a bad place and both are furious with each other. TMZ writes:

Phaedra Parks is telling friends Apollo has essentially abandoned his family for the last 2 months … choosing drinking and strip clubs over his wife and 2 kids.

She says over the last week things got so bad and so tense she feared physical abuse … although nothing happened. The 2 haven’t even spoken in a week.

Apollo now begins his 8 year prison sentence for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than 2 million dollars.

We spoke to Apollo … who had no comment … but we’re told he’s pissed off at her for various reasons, including the fact that she didn’t show up for his court hearings and she’s been on a book tour during the last few months … rather than comforting him.


UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that Apollo never made it to prison and he actually drove by his home with Phaedra and went off on her instead.

The site reports:

TMZ reported Wednesday AM … Nida was on his way to report for his 8-year prison sentence for money laundering and check fraud.

But apparently he got cold feet … because we’re told he pulled up to the home of his wife, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks and went nuts because Phaedra refused to put money in his prison account while he was locked up. She also refused to bring their kids to prison to visit him and that caused him to lose it.

We’re told Nida forced his way inside and started screaming at Phaedra, “What the f*** is the matter with you,” adding, “I don’t give a f*** about the police, call them, I dare you.”

An eyewitness tells TMZ … he was demanding property and went inside the master bedroom and starting putting stuff in a big bag.


The site also claims a warrant has just been issued for Apollo’s arrest and of course the Bravo cameras filmed the whole ordeal.


UPDATE #2: Apollo says he has now turned himself in and posted the following video to his Instagram account:

Spotted at Fameolous


    1. True. Phaedra should have married someone in her pay grade. Like another attorney or an business man. Apollo has nothing to offer besides good looks.

    2. This. When people find out Apollo’s background seasons ago they couldn’t understand why Phaedra wanted him. He’s cute but I mean really, he’s not all that. Phaedra sees that now.

  1. Well this is why married women shouldn’t throw their marriages in a single woman’s face. I feel bad for the kids, but I hope this humbles Phaedra.

    1. Maybe if some single women didn’t try to interfere in other people’s marriages, they’d have a significant other of their own, and wouldn’t resort to hiring folks to front on their behalf!

          1. Queen of what? Kenya is a washed up reality show, thirsty no man having, fake butt, joke in the ATL, sleeping with married men whore.!!!!

          2. Girl bye! If y’all think that her claim to fame should be keeping people pressed… she needs less stans and more people.

          3. Sorry, but you Kenya stans are the ones who keep bringing her name into non-Kenya related conversations. And please don’t insult my intelligence by pretending that Kenya wasn’t who ImSaying was alluding to in her comment. Seems to prove you all are the pressed ones.

          1. Once again kenya is relevant again, as always. Phaedra deserve to be embarrassed. She’s a whore that became a lawyer. Phaedra knows apollo was her last chance to become a wife. Who else was going to wife her up? Like they said preachers daughters are known for sleeping around. Phaedra aka d-ck surgeon.

    2. Amen. She threw her marriage on kenya face like it was a perfect marriage. He’s 35 and she’s 42, I’m sure he had a motive when he married her. Also she knew he was lying and still supported him too.

  2. Apollo is such an idiot. If he was mature he would understand why Phaedra is upset with him. He committed a crime and now he won’t be active in his kids lives for eight years. She has every right to be upset with him.

  3. Money isn’t the issue here. Character is. As far as marrying on her level, that should have been the focus. People with money or good jobs can also be greedy to the point that it drives them to make bad decisions. He’s just not a good person; broke or not.

    1. Money was an issue here. Apollo said he committed bank fraud because he was tired of Phaedra making more money than him. So yes, I do think she should have married someone in her pay grade who wasn’t insecure by her career. Does character play a role? Yes. But Apollo said with his own mouth he did what he did because of money.

      1. I understand and can admit that’s something I knew nothing of when I initially made my comment. However, I still maintain my position. All I’m saying is that she could have found herself in the same situation with a man that made the same if not more than her…which is why I defaulted to character.

    2. I do also feel Phaedra married the wrong guy but IDK sometimes it seemed like she liked the fact that she was the breadwinner. Maybe it’s just me?

      1. No it’s not just you. I got the same feeling as well. Before Apollo Phaedra dated a very successful DJ and I think it left a sour taste in her mouth about being with a man who is successful in his own right.

    1. Wait…what? How is Phaedra losing when she just got rid of a 250 lb lodestone from around her neck? And last time I checked Porsha has a new job, a hair line, and a man! Remind me, what are Kenya’ accomplishments since she got on the show again? Oh, I forgot…she has none, that’s why she’s been in hiding for so long! You stans are creative though, I’ll give you that! Lol!

  4. Apollo is showing his a-s now. He wants her to be ride or die but he should have been ride or die for their kids and kept his dumb a-s out of trouble for their sake.

  5. What the hell? Dammit Apollo. Is he just trying to make Phaedra look as bad as possible before he goes to the pokey?

  6. Apollo is probably pissed because he took the fall for Phaedra (she was probably stealing too) and he’s mad she isn’t holding him down.

  7. Apollo is having a breakdown reality has caught up with his behind and he can’t take it so he is lashing out at Phaedra.

  8. Cameras filmed it? Yeah ok. I can only have but so much sympathy from Phaedra. The heck we worried about her family for if she isn’t?? I get the show is a “job” but everything isn’t meant to be televised man. I can’t take this seriously anymore.

    1. Hmmm, I think because Apollo is actually still filming that’s why cameras were there. Phaedra has always been so private for the most part, that you seldom catch her slipping. I doubt she’d want any of this on camera unless she was caught unawares, which I think is the case here.

      1. Phaedra mouth is super nasty. That’s what she gets. She love talking down to other women to much. She talk about kim, nene, and kenya, im sure they in a better position than her.

        1. Girl stop with the Phaedra hate! She’ll be fine! At the end of the day, Phaedra is a hustler, and she’ll do better without Apollo’s trifling, needy behind. By the way, they ALL talk about each other, but Kenya is still at the bottom of the barrel. She can’t even have them trashing her, make her relevant.

  9. Some people do f-cked up sh-t and then think they are not supposed to endure the consequences of those decisions they made. Throwing the blame on her just shows how immature he really is.

  10. I like Phaedra on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. I like her work ethic and she seems Intelligent.The one thing though that I do understand about people saying how Phaedra would come for Kenya about being married. I did not like when Phaedra and Porsha (I like her too) kept throwing it in Kenya’s face that she didn’t have a husband and wasn’t married. Porsha and Phaedra kept taking jabs at Kenya with the marriage card (Kenya; I like her as well and she definitely is not innocent) and now both of them are having or had problems with those same marriages they liked to throw in Kenya’s face. My thing is Phaedra seemed more upset with Kenya then she did with Apollo who she took vows with when she asked him to not speak to Kenya. If you are going to throw your marriage up in someone’s face; at least make sure it’s as good as you’re trying to make it seem. Phaedra also made jokes about Kenya’s fertility issues which I found to be in poor taste bc that’s a low blow for any woman who wants to be a mother and are having issues getting pregnant. I don’t like to revel in anyone’s misfortunes, but we all have to humble ourselves sometimes. I knew when Phaedra and Porsha would use the husband card I knew that those marriages had some serious cracks. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained; you never see Kandi throwing how much money she has in anyone’s face she lets her success speak for her. I’ve learned that your situation could change any moment so we have to humble ourselves sometimes.

    1. Preach! Preach! U said the truth with no shade. I stop liking phaedra when she start making fun of kenya fertility problems and the fact that she’s not married. Porsha is young and dumb, I never like her. She’s to armature for me.

  11. I’m glad he’s finally in prison where he belongs. He’s stupid. His wife was making money, got him on the show to help him make money in a legal way and he still stole. Dumba-s.

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