Audra Curry Breaks Down Why Newbies Flop on Married 2 Med + Phaedra Parks Criticized

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Apollo Nida made an appearance at the “Married to Medicine” reunion.

Married to Medicine” fans have been perplexed about Phaedra Parks‘ debut on the show. It was said Phaedra was dating a doctor ahead of the season premiere. However, she eventually told her costars that the romance had ended. She also said she “may” be dating another doctor. Regardless, Phaedra’s love life hasn’t been highlighted. This is something fans felt was odd since the show places a focus on the romantic relationships of the cast members. Phaedra also planned a lavish birthday party for her son. It was shown on the show. And fans questioned why Apollo Nida wasn’t in attendance.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes shared a lot of background details about Phaedra’s first season on YouTube. She said she tried to ask Phaedra about Apollo and her feud with Kandi Burruss. But Phaedra didn’t like this at all. And she allegedly reached out to producers to put a stop to it.

This is why the recent announcement is confusing to some “Married to Medicine” fans. Earlier today, People Magazine confirmed Apollo made an appearance when the cast filmed the reunion recently. The publication also reported Apollo was there to support Phaedra and confirm they have a peaceful co-parenting relationship. While some viewers are excited to see Apollo, others think it’s nonsensical that he was at the reunion at all.

Some fans aren’t impressed.

One X user believes Phaedra made the move to make up for a lackluster performance. The person wrote, “I don’t get it. Phaedra and Apollo’s post-divorce relationship is something that should’ve been discussed during the season, and not solely saved for the ‘Married to Medicine’ reunion. It feels like a means to placate those of us who’ve said Phaedra hasn’t done crap this season.”

The reunion airs March 3 and the publication said it will be more than one part.

Audra Curry recently opened up about her brief time on “Married to Medicine.”

In related news, Buffie Purselle and Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford aren’t the only ones who aren’t happy with how they were treated during their rookie seasons. Former “Married to Medicine” cast member Audra Curry expressed the same sentiments during her interview with Oliver Twixt. Audra appeared on the show during Season 9. Fans probably remember she and Toya Bush-Harris had a physical altercation at Quad Webb‘s housewarming party. Toya mushed Audra after words were exchanged and they got in each other’s faces.

When Oliver asked Audra if she would ever do the show again, she had an interesting answer.

“You know, people have asked me that before. I don’t know. I’m not one hundred percent sure. I would say never say never. But if you wanna know how I really feel about the show, I feel like it is their show, like the OGs, I feel like it is their show. And I feel like when they bring in new people, they bring in new people because they want it to be a younger show. That’s what they’ve always said, we want it to be younger. We wanna show the beginning of medicine because my husband had just graduated, like just graduated residency. So we wanna show the progression of how it is instead of towards the end when you already own 40 practices and you’re about to retire.”

She added, “But then they don’t really create an environment for that to flourish.”

Audra Curry shared her theory on why newbies struggle on “Married to Medicine.”

Audra went on to say that it seems like the OGs have all the power and experience, while the younger newbies are thrown in without life jackets.

“Because at the end of the day, you’re on their show. These people have been on here for ten years. They know the game, they know how post season goes and everything. Then they throw in naive, new people.”

When Audra discussed her blowup with Toya, she said that it just felt like she was bullied. She alleged that before the altercation, Toya had been picking at her a lot. But most of this was allegedly not aired. So she looked like the aggressor even though she’d never been in a fight before.

“As the season went, there were just so many times, especially with Toya where we would clash for no reason. And I never prompted it.”

Toya and Audra made peace not too long after the altercation. In the scene, Toya was emotional. She revealed her past altercation with Mariah Huq really bothered her. And she felt like she looked like a bad role model because of it. So the tense moment with Audra was triggering since she worked so hard to grow.

Audra told Oliver that she and Toya were fine after their sitdown. And she respected that Toya is the type of person who can move on.

As the interview went on, Oliver asked Audra if she was set up to have a successful season, and she said no.

“No. Not at all because I didn’t have a proper introduction. They didn’t show or give insight into where my blowup came from which is very unlike me. I’ve never been in a fight. No one in my 33 years of existence ever called me aggressive or ratchet in a bad way. They call me ratchet like when I’m dancing, and twerking and stuff. But not in my behavior. I don’t think they showed me. I’m a light. I am an absolute pleasure.”

Check out the full interview below.


  1. That person who wrote the Phaedra comment was completely on point. Phaedra brings absolutely nothing to the majority of shows she’s been on. She’s overrated and inauthentic but feels entitled to being in reality television. I don’t care about Apollo. Phaedra has no business on Married 2 Med. They have ruined this show and it really bothers me. It’s like it was intentional. Lastly, Audra deserved another season. These shows don’t even give new people a chance to develop because they are merely brought on to be bullied by the OGs. This is how I know Anila was a plant.

  2. Married to Medicine used to be one of my favorite reality shows. Now I can barely stand it and most of the cast. It’s so stagnant and forced now. I will say the addition of Heavenly was the beginning of the end and the show has been less authentic since. Heavenly won’t even admit she’s a grandmother. People like her and Phaedra are terrible reality stars. I find Sweet Tea and Audra more interesting. But they refuse to keep millennials on that platform. So the show likely won’t be around much longer anyway. They don’t want to get with the times.

  3. Phadrea had success with the one comeback when she put Kenya on Real Housewives of Atlanta in her place. In Andy’s mind that was reality gold, but one good grade on a test does not get you and A for the class. Phadrea is extremely disingenuous and she is surface level, she never reveals the truth about her life, it’s all a facade to keep you at bey. As with Traitors, her read was not going anywhere until the other contestants spoke up and gave her a lead in. She is not TV gold just because she gets lucky every now and then with a snide remark and it’s caught on camera. With regards to why new comers have no longevity as Audra said it’s an old hen house and they don’t want anybody possible cutting their money train. If you go back to the earlier seasons these sistas were not necessary living the highlife, they were doing much better than most, but they need and enjoy the Bravo sponsored lifestyle.

    1. Phadrea fits right in with Heavenly and Jackie keeping her real life hidden. Jackie and Heavenly don’t share their personal lives, just their business and friends.

  4. I agree Phaedra proved herself to be very overrated! She’s so boring outside of that one read she gave Kenya! She’s been a snooze fest since. And she’ll give nothing if she goes back to RHOA!

    Audra has a big personality and she’s young, so the OGs wanted her gone. They really don’t like younger women and that is why the show is so boring now. If they keep refusing to change and incorporate younger women into the cast, they will get cancelled! I’m sorry but watching women in their 50s and 60s be mean girls just isn’t fun to watch.

  5. The newbies are in a lose lose situation. It appears that season after season, the producers bring them on to test whether they can fit in with the OGs, and then are mocked by the cast when they try to genuinely show who they are.I believe newbies are also used by certain castmates to bring cover to those who really don’t want to expose their real lives so it gives appearances of ‘storylines’. The fans feel the inauthenticity.

  6. It’s crazy how much they allow Phaedra to get away with over at Bravo. Sis lied about dating a doctor to get on the show and then was boring as h-ll. After she did nothing all season long, she calls up Apollo to come to the reunion and all is forgiven. They didn’t even want Quad around when she was single but they let Phaedra’s no man having a-s do whatever she wants like some punks. I am starting to hate the whole network at this point. Audra and her hubby were exactly what the show needed. They always run off and fire the young and more interesting people. Sweet Tea won’t be back either watch.

  7. Audra didn’t do herself any favors either. She fell in with Quad and Heavenly going after Toya, who they think is the weak link. Audra failed to at her task so they had no use for her. Alicia is now in that role. Anila was the only newbie who lasted more than one season, but she lost out when she listened to Quad and Heavenly calling Toya a cheater and robber. Buffie wouldn’t take Jackie ‘s bullsh*t, so she had to go. If the newbies are of no use to Jackie, Heavenly and Quad they will not last. Notice that? Sweet Tea is standing up to Jackie is not good.

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