Yung Berg Addresses Anti-Dark Skinned Women Comments

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Yung Berg ended his own rap career after he made some totally inappropriate comments about dark-skinned women in a radio interview. Just to refresh your memory, when asked what his preference is when it comes to women, he told Lip Service back in 2008:

“I’m kinda racist … I don’t like dark butts …. You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts – that’s what I call dark-skinned women … I [don’t date women] darker than me. I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don’t come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool – then that’s not a good look. Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin’!!!”


Berg’s comments put an end to his rapping career but he’s been keeping his bank account afloat by staying behind the scenes by writing and producing for other artists.

He had a few words for those who were offended by his ignorant comments at a recent press conference for “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” a new reality show he will be appearing on:

“You may hate me or have an opinion about me, but you’ve been in your car listening to records that I’ve written or produced. So I really get the chuckle at that. Now I’m laughing.”


This comes a few years after he apologized for offending dark skinned women for his tasteless comments.


  1. It’s good to know his apology was phony and he’s not really sorry for what he said. He may write and produce for artists but that wasn’t by choice. He killed his rap career and it’s obvious he’s still mad about the backlash.

  2. And this is why I’m so damn selective with who gets my ear, and my coin! The Yung Berg’s of this world are fooling themselves if they think that money can make up for a loss of respect from their collective community. I was going to add L&HHH to my roster, but now I’m thinking I might not!

  3. He’s still an idiot. Does he not understand that his writing and producing isn’t on the level he thinks he is and in about five years he’ll be lucky if anyone even calls him for a track? Most writers and producers have short shelf lives.

  4. I’m not watching now. And I suggest all of you do the same. Do not support this color struck monster. He’s not even sorry for what he said.

  5. This is why you have to pay attention to what someone says the first time they say it. People only apologize because of backlash, but rarely do people say things they don’t mean. Don’t watch this sh-t. And look up his credits and see what artists he’s been working with and boycott them too.

  6. This little gremlin is stupid. He’s bragging about all the money he has and all the producing he does but if he really had money like that he wouldn’t be on the show. Do you see any real song writers or producers on any of Mona’s shows? He needs to stop lying.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with having preference but when you put down a group of people because they aren’t your preference, that’s not ok. Calling dark skinned women dark butts is not ok period.

    2. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, I really do, but you stan for a woman who has stated plain that she wants a baby from a white man, and she wants it to have good hair. Then she acted a fool when the pretend baby she was given to look after was black! We don’t forget sh-t like that…sorry! That’s one of the thousands of reasons I’ll never be cool with Miss Kenya Moore! Y’all get through though…

  7. I wish he would speak on him getting his a-s kicked and getting his chained snatched and crying like a little b-tch. But he can’t be doing too good he is trying to gain fame by being on LHH so you can miss me with this BS. All this stems from Porscha Coleman turning his a-s down. Such a clown.

  8. Dark Butts? It’s okay to have a preferance; but its never okay to disrespect someone because they have the physical features you are turned off by.

  9. Dark Butts? It’s okay to have a preferance; but its never okay to disrespect someone because they have the physical features you are turned off by.

  10. I always wonder how these complex infected a$$holes’ mother, grandmother, or any other female in their family feel…..cause that is a slap to their face. & what coconut tree he fell out of cause I didn’t know brown gel = nappy hair.

  11. Dark skin is beautifull! Dark skin people have the complexion of Pharaos!I’m so sick and tired of ignorant black ppl spewing their hatred and dislike for dark skinned women,dark skin should be celebrated and embraced.Dark skin is royalty on the complexion chart

  12. This fool doesn’t even realize a “dark butt” will be making HELLA money off his ignorant a-s. Mona loves controversy….so I’m sure this is something she planned to build hype from. I don’t mind her making him look stupid at all. I won’t be watching tho…

  13. Of course this was stolen by Bossip as usual. Anyway, he’s still dumb as hell. Why would you say this like a week before the show comes on? All he’s doing is giving people a reason to not watch.

  14. Well I would like to say this, I am a female early 40’s and i still love my rap music from the legends to to the newcomers, I remember the name Yung Berg, but couldn’t put a face with his name until I watched Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. It does not strike me that this young man is extremely arrogant and messy with his woman. I am a brown skin person and my nineteen yr old son happens to be light skinned also with beautiful eyes and his dad is darker than I, and he looks like the both of us, Berg doesn’t realize that somebody darker than him, contributed to his place on earth now. Its cool if u prefer certain features of who u date…we all in the same race…somebody just helped him get ahead…..again

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