Nicki Minaj Gets Shut Down (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Nicki Minaj may have a hit on her hands with her current single “Anaconda” and another studio album on the way and set to drop in November, but that doesn’t mean the female rapper has managed to make everyone appreciate her controversial image.

In fact, Nicki was hoping she could go back to her high school and speak to the current students about her journey to success, but she was actually declined by the school’s current principal.

And she’s not happy about it.

She tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

nicki minaj twitter


UPDATE: Nicki’s high school has allegedly responded to Nicki’s tweets and it’s being claimed they explained the issue to parents in a letter.

The letter reads:

It has been brought to our attention that Nicki Minaj is attempting to generate publicity for herself by posting negative information about our principal, Dr. Lisa Mars, and LaGuardia Arts High School.

The fact is that Ms. Minaj was told by the NYC Department of Education (DOE) that she would not be allowed to enter the school with a television crew. The DOE has policies in place to protect the privacy and security of all its students. I’m sure we all appreciate the strict enforcement of these policies with regard to the safety of our children.


  1. I get what Nicki is saying, but that principal and the school don’t owe her anything. She may be successful, but her path to the top jas been polarizing. Many see her as just too sexually explicit to mentor or be a role model to youth. Same with Rihanna whose my girl to the fullest. Her image, and her antics have caused a lot of division and debate in Barbados too.

  2. Unfortunately she’s a woman who decided to be open about her sexuality so she’s going to be judged harshly for it. I’m very certain that if she was a man, she would have been ushered in with no judgment, kind of like what happened with Gucci Mane. As violent and as harsh as Gucci’s lyrics are, he still got an invite to speak to kids at career day.

    1. THANK. YOU. The first person I thought about after I read this was Gucci Mane. If that ain’t hypocritical I don’t know what is.

  3. This country is so misogynistic. Women are always punished for things men do all the time. I hope Nicki learns from this and sees that she will continue to be judged by other women.

  4. Nicki really shouldn’t be surprised. Women in music who are more sexual are always torn apart and judged by other women. She can always just write a check and support the school that way despite the principal being a snotty.

  5. This sh-t is dumb to me. Why is sex such a big deal to some women? I mean is the principal sexually deprived like most of the other miserable chicks who hop on soap boxes every time a woman wants to be sexual in her music? Despite her image, Nicki is very aware of what it takes to be successful and make it in the music industry. She could give lots of valuable advice to any student at a performing arts school. This principal is so high and mighty she’s missing the real point.

    1. Agreed. They do the same thing to Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. It’s stupid and women are the main ones tearing these ladies down. They preach about being role models and all that but how can you be a role model if you think it’s ok to tear other women down?

  6. The principal probably said no because she knew parents would cut up if she did give Nicki the ok to come. But I do think that sucks though. Nicki is very successful and should be able to talk to kids who want to be successful.

    1. Totally agree! I wonder what would happen if Jay Z tried to do the same? He would definitely have a lot of wisdom to impart to kids, but all some folks would see is his past. Even though he’s no longer that person, he’s constantly judged for it.

    2. i would not allow my child to listen to her speak at school. wtf is wrong with some ppl. ijs

      she needs to go speak at the nearest strip club, or at the bunny ranch and motivate those ladies. or to a prison. BE REAL!

      1. Seriously Marilyn Monroe. Used up passed around and MURDERED before her time Marilyn? If you’re quoting her then you miss the point. I don’t WANT my daughter to learn about NM’s path because I don’t want her on it. I want her on her way to college, marriage, motherhood, missionary work, or something that truly helps young women and doesn’t destroy their value and self esteem under the guise of empowerment.

        1. I’m sorry, are you Jesus Christ? Are you perfect? If you’re not, you can’t sit on here and down the next flawed woman because we are all flawed. Say what you want about Marilyn, but she came from the bottom and a very tough life to become one of the the most revered actresses of all time. She is also a legend of pop culture.

          With that being said, I don’t really care what you do with your daughter or what you want for her. It’s not Nicki’s job to raise her, that’s your job. But if she wants to be successful in the music business, Nicki is someone she could learn from. That’s the fact here. This high school is a PERFORMING ARTS HIGH SCHOOL and the school says they didn’t even turn Nicki down, just her cameras. So your point and need to stand on a soapbox is moot.

          And you can’t fool me. You’re like everyone else who uses public figures to boost your tired ego. I’m sure you have issues like everyone else. The keyboard has a lot of people typing like they’re perfect. Stop. LOL.

  7. Honestly the moment Nicki decided to be edgy she was kissing these kind of opportunities goodbye. A woman can only be so controversial and sexual before parents see you as the spawn of Satan. That’s how close minded most of this country is.

      1. Self respect and self esteem, eh? Well one can say you could have low self esteem yourself. Hence you getting on here and trying to down the next woman. Self confident women don’t have to trash other women for not thinking like them. You may not believe in plastic surgery, but you obviously have some inner issues to work on too. You’re too judgmental and jealous for your own good. And you’re not Jesus.

  8. It’s the nature of the business. If it bothers her so much, she can clean up her image. But when you decide to be controversial, you will get backlash. I hate it but it’s just the way it is. Women are not supposed to own their bodies in the USA. And if you do, you’re called a slut, hoe, and a bad role model.

  9. I’m not feeling this current era Nicki is in, but I do sense there’s a double standard at play here. It’s like women are written off so quickly if they decide to be sexual with their images.

  10. I like Nicki; she has been very successful since she has came into he game and have achieved alot of accolades. I understand Nicki wanting to go back and speak to the children at the school she attended, but I get why the principal might be hesitant to allow Nicki to speak at the school. I haven’t heard the principals side about this do with that being said I can only state my pinion on what I do know. Nicki is very talented; especially in a male dominated field. She has worked really hard to get where she is and to be taken seriously. I love women who are comformtable with their own sexuality, but with the Anaconda video I think that Nicki set herself back and women as well. We already fight so hard for equality and so many times we are looked at as sexual objects who are objectified by men when in reality we are so much more. To me that video was not tastefully done and is kind of mysogionistic. Nicki is beautiful and has so much going for her that by speaking to the kids at the school could inspire and help them; but if I was going off of that video I wouldn’t her speaking to my child. I know it’s my job to be a role model for my child, but some children are easily influenced. When I saw that video I thought Nicki you worked do hard to get where you are and to be respected amongst your male peers only to go back to where you started. It is a difference between sexy and raunchy. I felt the same way about Rihanna’s video about strip clubs and dollar bills and thats one of my faves. When you reach a certai level of success you don’t have to do certain things bc your success speaks for you.

  11. This is why I do what the f-ck I want to do. I wear what I want and I live life on my own terms because people (esp other women) will always judge you and try to tell you what you should wear and shouldn’t wear like it’s their body too. Women are so brainwashed. So now we’re also telling Nicki how sexy she can be and how much skin she can show now? Oh please. My advice to Nicki is to keep doing what she wants to do. You will never be happy trying to please other people anyway so why try?

  12. There’s definitely a double standard here, because there are males who can be considered controversial that aren’t denied these types of opportunities. However, I can’t say I’m surprised and I also don’t think the principal’s decision was a personal one. Nicki is successful, but her road there hasn’t been the most “inspiring.” Prior to her change in image, I never really considered her a role model outside of her accomplishments as one of the best selling female rappers. I have never given much of her music a listen. But I’m willing to bet that aside from her sexuality, the content of her music may also play a role in this principal’s decision. Either way she decided to go, she would have met backlash. Be it from parents of the students or fans of Nicki. As some other people have said, she can find other ways to give back and pay it forward. Have something off the school’s campus or something. That way parents who don’t mind can permit their kids to go, and those that don’t won’t have to.

  13. Her image has gotten really risqué. To me this is probably more about keeping the parents happy than Nicki not being good enough.

  14. Hi UB…… please update your story because the school released a statement saying she wanted to film the visit & they told her she couldn’t bring a camera crew cause of the DOE rules. But to be honest I wouldn’t want NickI speaking with my daughters not because of her being sexual but because I don’t want them to feel they have to enhance themselves surgically in order to make it.

  15. Sorry! I don’t believe the school. I think this is just damage control because they were getting called out for turning down Nicki by a lot of people. I saw some journalists slamming them because they said it’s sexist to punish a woman for owning her sexuality.

  16. Well I don’t know who to believe now. Either way, Nicki needs to understand how much influence she has. Just tweeting this made it headline news. If that was the point, she succeeded.

  17. Well Nicki just got done performing in Paris with BEYONCE. Safe to say she will keep winning despite this and all these haters will just have to deal.

    1. Girl stop. One slept with a married man and both have multiple kids before marriage. Erykah actually has kids by multiple rappers. I like both of them but they are hardly perfect either. Get off your soapbox.

  18. I’m a mothter of two girls and even if I listen to Nikki or Rihanna I wouldn’t necessarily want them to speak at my children’s school. Yes they are both successful in their careers but at the same time I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter walking around smoking blunts all day with her nips and a$$ out or rapping about popping pills. Sorry not on a soapbox nor do I think I’m better or above anyone but just because I listen to it doesn’t mean I want my young daughters following their paths. I don’t even let them listen to all of Bey’s music unless as a parent I’m ready to have a conversation. And I also think it’s ridiculous that anyone would let Gucci Mane speak anywhere unless it’s “what not to do day” at school. I also saw video of the Migos at a back to school event, kids in the mall going crazy to Fight Night talking knocking the p**** out. And I love that ratchet hood music but I don’t want my kids talking about smoking loud and sipping lean all day! Ok I’m done. Lol

  19. It sounds like their willing to allow her to speak if she doesn’t bring a camera crew. So if it’s important to her to speak she will ditch the camera’s for the protection and privacy of the kids and the school.

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