Ray J Explains Why He Broke up with Teairra Mari

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Why did Ray J break up with Teairra Mari? “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is set to premiere Monday night, but episode one was already released in full on VH1’s website a couple of days ago.

In the show’s premiere, R&B singer Teairra Mari explains she’s still heartbroken Ray J left her and starting dating Floyd Mayweather’s “ex-girlfriend” Princess. And while Teairra claims Ray cheated on her with Princess while they were together, Ray says it didn’t go down that way and he actually dumped Teairra before getting with Princess.

On why he broke up with Teairra, Ray J says:

“I had to back out of the relationship because I feel like it was toxic. Teairra is a beautiful girl, but at the same time, she’s violent and she doesn’t know how to control it. “



You can watch episode one in full below:


  1. He broke up with her because she has a nasty attitude. I don’t know if people remember this or not, but before Rihanna blew up she said back when Teairra was signed to Def Jam, she was mean as hell to her. Then she got dropped and they kept Rihanna. Karma.

    1. Yeah I remember that. I also read that Teairra was so full of herself and didn’t think she needed to put in the work to be successful, so they dropped her. People like to rag on Rihanna all the time, but Rih is a very hard worker!

  2. This show is boring already. But I am interested more in Lil Fizz’s storyline than anyone else’s. It’s very different from what we’ve been seeing.

    1. naaaw this love triangle was different. mimi was never willing to pop on jos and erica was never willing to pop on bambi. LOL

  3. All of them are mess. So I don’t know how Ray J can talk like him and Princess are any better. And didn’t Princess allegedly get Floyd robbed?

  4. Teairra seems really bitter, like move on shyt! So what Princess tossed your crap in the trash. From what it seems like what was in it, just buy some more creams dang. I know she loves Ray J (which I don’t understand that part) but he aint thinking about her like that no more. Get over it! And these chicks need to stop getting these n-ggas names tatted on them, smh.

  5. Teairra is a hot bloated mess. Yes, she can sing but she let her bad attitude ruin her opportunities. Not to mention the music she puts out are nothing more than hood rat anthems. It’s sad that a reality show is now the best she can do. Rihanna wins.

  6. Not impressed by this show. All these recycled story lines. LHHATL all up in this one with the same old Momma Dee/Scrappy/Erica mess, Drew/Tracy baby mama/daddy drama, and Teairra imitating Joseline’s crazy a-s. Won’t be watching.

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