Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama’s Scandalous Past Revealed?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago a young woman came forward and filed a paternity suit against Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles over her daughter, and she claims Knowles had been taking care of the child financially but recently stopped abruptly.

While it was originally reported that the young woman was a friend of Solange’s, eventually Solange’s rep denied that she even knew her.

But now new reports are coming out about Taqoya Branscomb and now it’s being alleged that she may have dabbled in prostitution too.

Fameolous writes: has learned the woman who filed a paternity suit in court asking for child support back in May of this year–is now being put on blast for being a prositute. According to webloid

Mathew’s baby mama was arrested for prostitution back in August 2007. The baby mama had to pay 1k bail to get out of jail.

She was then charged by the District Attorney for misdemeanor prostitution later that month. The court docs state that on August 3rd … Branscomb “unlawfully knowingly agree to engage in sexual conduct, namely, sexual intercourse, to-writ, straight sex, with D.Patterson, for a fee.”

Then in December 2007 … the woman plead Nolo Contendere – which essentially means she worked out a plea deal where she didn’t have to say if she was guilty or not of prostitution.



Taqoya allegedly served six months probation.

As we reported recently, since the suit went public, she has deleted most of her social media pages.


  1. So let me get this straight. Matty’s other baby mama is a fraud and attention whore who thought her son would get her in Beyonce’s circle, and this one here was a hooker? LMBO. Man this is karma at its finest!

  2. Serves him right. He didn’t take his first marriage seriously, and as far as I’m concerned everything he’s going through now is just him reaping what he sowed. Both of his baby mamas are trash. But he is too. So like attracts like.

  3. LMBO. I wish he would have talked about this in his radio interview. He keeps talking about Beyonce knowing good and well she doesn’t even talk to him like that anymore but I’d rather him talk about his own messy life. It’s better than Love & Hip Hop.

  4. Damn, the sh*t people will do for money! That woman look tore up from the floor up, I’m shocked Mathew couldn’t do better then that? If you’re going to cheat please choose someone who look and have more class…no he went out and chose a “Gutter Rat” and got caught up, serve his @ right! Mrs Tina Knowles, got rid of her trash! LMAO!!

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