Ray J Changes His Tune on Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ray J’s new reality show “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” premiered last night, and Ray J is already being labeled as the show’s star. While his somewhat love triangle with ex-girlfriend Teairra Mari and Princess may be the focus of the show, it’s actually his past relationship with Kim Kardashian that is still talked about to this day thanks to a certain video.

Although Ray J has taken credit for Kim’s raise to fame in the past, he’s now singing a different tune.

On the tape, Ray J tells HuffPost Live:

“I personally don’t think that’s a road anybody should go down. I don’t applaud myself for anything in that world. I’ve grown from it and I’ve learned from it. But, at the same time, I don’t applaud myself for it.”

He’s also now saying that he does not feel he made Kim a star:

“Nope. God did that. I just leave it alone. God made all the success happen. When people say, ‘You put this person on,’ listen: God did that.”

Interesting fact, Ray J’s Twitter bio reads:


Check out the interview below:


  1. Oh lawd Ray J just attracts birds Kim, Teirra, Princess, Danger and whoeva else allowed Ray J into their head, bed and heart BIRDS!!!!.. That is what it balls down to. And it seems like Birds are the new “in” thing….they flyin all ova the place now.

  2. Well I strongly disagree. Had they never made the tape and put it out there, Kim and her family would have never gotten their reality show. It gave them their start. I think they are only relevant still because they are paying for press and dating the right people.

  3. He’s lying like hell. He really does believe he made Kim famous and he kind of did. I mean where would she be of they never leaked the sex tape? Most people know her from that tape. The show came after it.

  4. So we’re labeling Kim a success now? Let’s see…her show is a flop and no one watches it anymore. She’s had two failed marriages. Kanye has to beg to get her legitimate magazine covers and they still have to pay the paps and tabloids to care about them. How is that successful?

  5. That tape opened the door for Kim and her annoying family. They are still around because Kris Jenner’s pimp game is strong.

  6. I completely blame him for why Kim even got her show in the first place. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they plan to use that tape to get the show from day one. Kim and he family are very calculating. Now they are hanging on by a thread, and even Kanye can’t really save them.

  7. I blame him for why Kim got where she is today because the sex tape put her on the map. But he really thought it would do the same for him and it didn’t. I guess he didn’t understand what white privilege is.

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