Porsha Williams Calls out Ciara for Taking Back Future

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported weeks ago that Ciara may have taken back Future despite ending the engagement over his alleged cheating ways, and Ciara didn’t help the rumors with her recent tweets about second chances.

While some of her fans are supportive in her possible decision to reunite with the rapper, a lot of people feel it’s a bad decision. RHOA star Porsha Williams happens to be one of those people.

During her new radio gig on Dish Nation, Porsha says:

“Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait! Who is she giving the “Young Pass” too? Him? He’s thirty something years old, how does he get a “Young Pass.” Come on now. She says he’s still learning? What else does he need to learn? He knows he learned how to make all of those babies…he needs to learn how to be true to somebody.”


Spotted at Fameolous


  1. Well she needs to explain why she married a down low, controlling douche bag. Her taste in men is also questionable.

    1. Agreed. Porsha is full of it, she knows if kordell wants her back, she would go back. Kordell ended their marriage any way.

        1. just like she woulda never let kenya’s hair go had they not pulled her off LOL i love kenya though team aquarius women hahahahaha

  2. I have a problem with this. First off all Porsha shouldn’t be giving any relationship advice or passing any judgement on anybody’s relationship. How quickly people forget about their own relationship mistakes.

  3. I believe her response has more to do with her “on-air personality.” Those pots stay being introduced to kettles. However, she told no lies :-/

  4. Porsha ain’t telling no lies about Ciara, but knowing how she stayed with Kordelia’s questionable behind for so long, I have to give her some minor side eye for that comment.

    1. Eh, she didn’t give advice on marriage, she just said the obvious about Future. Unfortunately Ciara is the only person who couldn’t see the red flags.

  5. I like Porsha but she needs to worry about her own bad taste in men. Why she married Kordell is still a mystery. He’s not attractive, controlling, and acts like a queen. And I don’t even think his money is that long. So yeah…I still don’t know what she saw in him.

  6. porsha need to stfu not too long ago she was propositioning slash to rethink the divorce….. crazy how just because a chick aint got a choice but to take an L in a relationship, she get on the next chick about getting back with her dude… even though ciara is stupid, porsha doesnt have room to chastise.

    1. Lies. Porsha is not a mistress and that’s just another lie Kenya’s stans came up with because they wanted to deflect from Kenya being photographed hanging out with a married man at Harvard. Even Andy denied it on Twitter because he thinks it was an obnoxious and stupid rumor. Porsha is dating an unmarried football player right now. She’s good.

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