Kirk Frost Puts Tameka Raymond on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond claimed one of the main reasons she decided to sign up for “Atlanta Exes” is because she wanted people to see she’s not crazy, but it appears LHHATL star Kirk Frost may be hurting her cause.

In a recent interview with VH1, although Kirk claims to be a friend of Tameka’s, he also spilled a little tea on her. In the interview, he recounts the time he saw Tameka beat up another woman in the club amid her highly publicized divorce from Usher.

When asked if anyone on “Atlanta Exes” is scorned, he says:

“Definitely Tameka, for sure. She’s definitely still…there was a situation where she wanted to snap Usher out the club! She whooped a girl’s a*s! [laughs]

“While [the divorce] was happening. She still shows it. She still—she still got it in for us. She gonna kick my a*s for saying this, but she loves me.”


    1. I’m amazed Rasheeda has managed to stay on there for three seasons. She’s a bore. Even their marriage problems haven’t made her interesting.

  1. She’s a nut but I’m not surprised she handled that girl at the club because she was way too calm when Traci tried to run up on her. When she told the security to let Traci go and looked completely unbothered, I knew what time it was.

    1. Right!!! Am I the only one who really wanted Tameka to put Traci in the headlock and shut that big mouth of hers up? Ugh!!!!

  2. Yeah Tameka can get gully when she needs to. She was kicking a lot of butt when Usher started sleeping around on her. As much as people love to call her crazy, Usher did some really messed up things to her. But the coldest was sleeping with her bridesmaids.

      1. Thank you old school! I get so tired of hearing people say this about their situation. He made the choice he wanted to at the time, regardless of the fact that it didn’t work out for whatever reasons. Life is about making choices and mistakes, else how will we learn and grow.

      1. Huh? If what you mean is have I ever fought a woman over a man? Umm no, I haven’t. When I find out there’s another woman, I let her have him because there’s too many men out here for me to be fighting over one.

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