Mathew Knowles’ Other Love Child Confirmed

Photo Credit: Music World Entertainment
Photo Credit: Music World Entertainment

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago it was reported that another woman had slapped Mathew Knowles with a paternity suit, and she claimed Beyonce’s dad was the father of her daughter. Just days after the suit went viral, the backlash was so insane that she pretty much deleted all her social media profiles and her alleged past as a prostitute was also discovered too.

But TaQoya Branscomb is getting the last laugh because a DNA test just confirmed that Mathew is indeed the father.

TMZ writes:

TMZ obtained a copy of a paternity test — ordered by a judge in Houston after Knowles was sued by a lingerie-model-turned-real-estate agent … who claims he knocked her up in 2010.

According to the DNA test … there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of TaQoya Branscomb’s child.

Branscomb will now go after Knowles for child support … but that could be tricky. He’s already paying another baby mama … but the judge slashed his support obligations because he’s now broke as a joke after getting the boot from Bey.



Branscomb claimed in the suit that Mathew had silently been providing for the child and then stopped abruptly.


  1. This picture of him is hilarious to me!!!! Goes perfectly with the heading. He’s a lean, mean, baby making machine!!!! ….A broke one at that. Yikes! 2 or 3 more and he can just start another group in about 7 years.

  2. I’d be shocked if more women didn’t come forward. I believe Mathew has at least 2 more kids out here that he’s not providing for.

      1. Of course he was stealing…trickin’ can get very expensive especially when you paying for the c**ch & trying to keep them from serving all the tea you find made.

  3. He’s not done yet…they’ll be more baby mama’s crawling out the floorboards trying to get some of that imaginary Bey money. Matthew’s nasty a-s must’ve had a ball having them spread the legs as soon as he mentioned Bey’s name.

  4. Ewwwww he is so embarrassing. This is worst than not havin a dad there in ur life….all that time he had been sneaking around and cheatin on Bey’s moms….and now after he’s just goin around sleeping wit chicks that is younger or around Bey’s age unprotected……he is soooo fckn gross. Like wrf is wrong wit him…..that is good Bey crossed him out her life…and being that she is a Virgo he will be crossed out 4eva unless his a-s suddenly is about to die. But my moms is a Virgo and I got a Virgo friend once u cross them that is it…they are DONE!!!!

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