Meagan Good & Rihanna Join Hackers Victim List

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jill Scott was one of the first celebs to be hit by the iCloud Hacking attack, but late last night even Gabrielle Union’s “risqué” photos began to make rounds on social media too.

With Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian also being victims, the list continues to get longer.

Now Rihanna and Meagan Good have been targeted.

The following photos have been viral for the last few hours (we censored them of course):

meagan good risque

meagan good risque 2

rihanna risque

rihanna risque 2

rihanna risque 3



Rihanna hasn’t addressed the leak, but Meagan has. She posted the following to her Instagram account:

meagan good instagram copy


  1. Megan better gird her loins, cuz that congregation of hers already thinks she the devil in a low-cut dress. Rihanna could give a rat’s behind..that child loves being naked.

  2. Dang, is no one safe these days? I think it’s disgusting that people are hacking into their accounts. I understand being a celebrity and being cautious but damn you can’t even have stuff in the cloud?? Does anyone find it weird that only women are being hacked?

    1. For what? We’ve seen her naked before and she just posed naked for some random French magazine a few months ago. I would think she wouldn’t care.

  3. This is getting out of control now. If men pics don’t start leaking like Idris, Trey, Usher they need to catch this weirdo.

  4. Unfortunately it has gotten really easy to hack into things. To be safe, it’s almost as if you can’t take those kind of pictures on your phone.

  5. Well we’ve seen Rihanna naked several times. So that’s no shocker really (no shade just saying). Regardless it’s messed up people would do this.

  6. And I don’t send nudes when a guy asks me because of this right here. You are not about to put my v-g on Twitter and Instagram. Nope!

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