More Drama for Lauryn Hill

Photo Credit: Eddy Rissling for The Come Up Show
Photo Credit: Eddy Rissling for The Come Up Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B heavyweight Lauryn Hill only released one solo studio album, but many can agree “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is a classic. So it’s no surprised the singer still has fans who want to see her perform live all around the world, but on several occasions her performances have been criticized.

One of the most cited issues has been Lauryn getting to the stage very late.

The Wrap reports:

Hill is catching heat for what some fans describe as a “shi-e” concert on Saturday night at the Brixton Academy in London. The trouble apparently started when the ”Ex-Factor” singer and rapper arrived 90 minutes late for her performance.

The star’s tardy arrival was followed by what some described as “awful” arrangements of her hit songs, and poor quality sound at the venue. Some fans even booed the singer, according to The Guardian. Hill probably wasn’t expecting such a hostile reception as she kicked off the first of five concerts in the U.K.

“Her show in London tonight is the worst gig I’ve ever been to,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another disappointed fan tweeted, “Waited years to see Miss Hill only to hear her bastardise every song to the point of unrecognisable! Utter shite!”



The good thing for Lauryn is not all of her fans were disappointed. Some praised her show on Twitter.


  1. She’s lucky people are still paying to see her after the way she’s been doing her fans for the last several years. One good album does not excuse unprofessionalism.

  2. Lauryn will never become her old self again. People just have to accept that and understand they are taking a big risk in seeing her live now.

  3. That album was the bomb but I wouldn’t give her a dime in 2014. That’s like throwing money in the garbage can.

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