Porsha Williams Makes Shocking RHOA Announcement + New RHOA Trailer Released

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For months now, there’s been numerous rumors surrounding casting for the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and some suspected NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams would get pink slips post the dramatic reunion that went down for season six.

Interestingly enough, all three were invited back but now Porsha Williams has updated her fans and confirms that she’s no longer holding a peach.

This morning Porsha tweeted the following:

porsha williams twitter


We’re still awaiting more details regarding Porsha’s announcement, but from what we gather so far Porsha’s role on the show has now been limited thanks to the addition of full-time newbie Claudia Jordan. Bravo also tells E! News that Demetria is not a full-time housewife, but will be a recurring friend just like Porsha.

Bravo also just released a new trailer for the upcoming season and it’s nothing but drama. In the trailer, Cynthia Bailey brings NeNe to tears, Phaedra attacks Kenya, Kenya and Claudia team up to take down Porsha and they do so with Kordell’s help, Kandi checks Todd’s mom for threatening Mama Joyce and Apollo goes off on Phaedra after he learns she may have been having an affair.

Check out the drama below:


  1. It looks like it will be a lot of drama and very entertaining, but at the cost of everyone’s lives. I hope they don’t regret this.

  2. Why are NeNe and Kenya giggling it up like they like each other? When did this happen? And if Porsha still gets paid, it’s not such a loss not to hold a peach anymore. Most importantly, I hope Phaedra got a chance to smack the taste out of Kenya’s mouth before security broke it up.

    1. A lawyer and a mortician fighting on tv. Money can’t buy class. Ghetto phaedra. She is not a southern belle.

  3. Phaedra has lost her mind. A lawyer fighting on TV? Kenya keeps playing chess while her enemies are playing UNO and still lose.

    1. How is she playing chess when she’s the only one who hasn’t managed to do anything major outside of RHOA? She won’t make real money until she gets real legitimate hustles outside of RHOA. Even Porsha has done that.

      1. Kenya been on plenty of TV shows and movies prior to RHOA. Look it up. She will also be on Celebrity Apprentice this upcoming season, so she will be on two TV shows at one time. She also has her natural hair growth line coming out….. She making moves. Trust

        1. Oh let me be more specific. I mean real starring roles, not one liner roles. And the straight to DVD movies she makes with her production company don’t count either. Also, doing another reality show isn’t a come up either. It’s a downgrade. Say what you want about NeNe but she has real roles in real shows on major networks. She’s also on Broadway now. Her fashion line is a hit and she’s now being courted for Fashion Police. Kenya is doing what again? Oh that’s right, nothing impressive.

        2. You don’t get it though. This show is hurting Kenya. If you really like her, you need to be hoping she leaves this show. Her behavior on here is causing her real acting gigs. Why do you think NeNe has calmed down so much? Kenya wants to be the RHOA queen so badly but she doesn’t understand what comes with that. She will never become a legitimate actress if she keeps cutting up for these Bravo checks.

  4. Damn, Kenya stay getting slapped in the mouth. I thought that b-tch did Krav Maga? Bwahaha!

    Wow! This season about to be crazy! Gonna miss my girl Porsha though!

  5. I told y’all Porsha was gone. Now she’s just another Marlo. And next season Phaedra will be demoted for Demetria. Watch and see. The producers love Kenya and they are on her team.

    1. Y’all get so hype for the smallest things. Kenya went from being Miss USA to a reality star who has to act a fool to make a living. In no way did this show help her career, it has hurt it even more. She will now be reduced to reality shows. She needs to reflect on some things.

  6. Claudia will be Kenya 2.0. Shame because I actually liked her before this. And Kenya needs to start being prepared for people to mollywhop her when she talks all that mess she talks. Not everyone will sit there and take it. She looked like a deer in headlights again when Phaedra popped off.

  7. Y’all I don’t think Porsha knew she wouldn’t have a peach until this morning. They probably filmed her a lot like they usually do but decided to give Claudia her peach after they reviewed the film. Damn.

    1. That’s what Kandi said happened on Instagram. Porsha filmed regularly the whole time with them, but in the last minute they decided to give Claudia Porsha’s peach because they thought she brought more to the show.

  8. Porsha is leaving right on time. The show is getting messier and unlike others, she can make money another way. She’s just getting started in radio and I can see her doing more media stuff in the future. She played her cards well.

    1. …plus, much as I hate BET, Porsha was the one on stage with Snoop at the awards show, and the correspondent on the red/green carpet.

    2. That’s what I’m saying. People like to call Porsha dumb, but she left with a media career and a NFL boyfriend. Speaking of that, UB I hope y’all got the email I just sent.

        1. There’s going to be so much saltiness out of Team Twirl when that goes up. They lied and tried to say she was messing with some married wealthy African man just because Kenya is. They are so pathetic. Porsha been with LeSean for several months now.

  9. Dead at Team Twirl being hype that Kenya is now just another reality show train wreck staple like Joseline and Stevie J. Y’all don’t want more for her?

  10. So u mean to tell me Kandi’s mom and Todd’s mom is still going at it??? I wonder if they kids like all this Bullshyt anyway that Claudia is pretty and TROUBLE…..I heard she was something else. I can’t believe she is on the show boo’n up to Portia’s leftovers like ewwww really??? That is the best she can get???? And then tryin to mock Portia wit it….this lady along wit her ol azz bestie Kenya needs to grow up. I guess they were right 40’s are the new 20’s if u count personality and actions

  11. This season looks like it’s going to be a mess, and not in a good way. Sad to see Porsha get demoted but this may turn out to be a good thing for her.

  12. This is the best thing that could have happened to Porsha. This show is trash now and Bravo ain’t doing nothing but pimping out these people.

  13. I know this opinion won’t be popular but I really don’t like what this show has turned into. It’s now all about throwing shade and who can be the biggest mean girl. It’s just not fun to watch anymore.

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