‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Moniece Opens up About Lil Fizz Custody Drama

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Fizz and Moniece custody drama continues? “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is starting off with a strong start in ratings, but many can agree that former B2K rapper Lil Fizz has the most intriguing situation thus far. And that’s because he happens to have the upperhand in his child custody situation with his baby mama Moniece Slaughter.

In a new interview with VH1, Moniece discusses the child custody drama with their son and she clears up some of the speculation.

On her social media critics, she says:

“So far I would say that, I think they should relax. [Laughs] They’re totally brutal and the one thing that I see the most is that they are telling me, “Go get custody of your son!” Let me just set the record straight for all the naysayers out there. I have joint physical and legal custody of my child on paper, ordered by the court, that’s number 1. Number 2, Fizz has not had physical, primary custody of Kameron for long. It’s only been since May. So I need everyone to understand that.”

Moniece also reveals she’s still having issues with Fizz not communicating with her about their son’s whereabouts:

“I saw Kameron, I want to say, a week ago. And he was supposed to be with me this past weekend, but these are the things that don’t make the show. [Fizz] has a habit, since our new arrangement, and him keeping Kameron during the week, that was supposed to be when Kameron was in school and I found out, he has removed Kameron from school. Weekends are my time, and this past weekend was my fifth weekend, since the Fourth of July, that he has taken Kameron out of town or sent Kameron out of town and not told me. And just for the general public- when you have a custodial agreement on paper, that’s called kidnapping. So when people look at me and say, “Go get your son, or do this,” it’s very hard when he’s not answering the phone and not telling me until they’re long gone to Sacramento or Las Vegas and [Fizz’s] mom refuses to call me and communicate.

“My only other option is calling the police and because Drew doesn’t communicate with me, I don’t know if his mom or his sister is with [Kameron] or if freakin’ Amanda is there. I don’t know what’s going on. So if I call the cops, when he is apprehended, because that is what will happen. He would be arrested for kidnapping and I don’t know what’s going on with my kid because he’s not communicating. So if he doesn’t have his mom or his sister with him, my son goes back into the system into, into D.C.F.S. [Department of Children & Family Services] and I can’t have that. So for people to judge me and say, “Go get your kid back. Go fight to get your kid back?” I’m actually saving my kid a world of heartache. I’m actually considering my son when I decide to bite that bullet. I’ll just sacrifice my time because his dad is a selfish pr***. So the only one, who comes out with the short end of the stick there is me and that’s because my son is my world. I don’t want my son to see his father arrested. I don’t want my son to go to into D.C.F.S. I don’t know who’s with him. Those are all very hard decisions to make as a mother who wants to be with her child. The last time I saw Kameron, he said to me that he didn’t want to go with his dad, he wanted to come with me. So that’s very hard, so I work, work, work, work, so that I don’t have to, you know, that’s hard to walk away from. [She begins to get emotional]”

And of course Moniece had some words for Fizz’s girlfriend Amanda too:

“It has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with, if he’s been keeping her a secret for two years, why? If they’ve been together at this point for 2 ½ years, he tried to f*** me, 2 years ago? So it’s like, I’m lost. I’m just as lost as everyone else, like I don’t get it. Apparently they have this up and down, breaking up and getting back together, I don’t concern myself with that.”


    1. i agree too, something about her looks crazy and you can tell Fizz is afraid of her cause when she is ready to pop off it looks serious.

  1. B-tch sit your dead beat a-s down somewhere. I can’t stand this trick how she is portrayed on the show is the real and now she is trying to do damage control. She more worried about who Fizz is messing with then her son. Fizz called her a-s out new shoes but can’t support her son.

  2. She always has a million and one reasons why she can’t ever spend time with her son. I’m not saying Fizz is innocent but I can see she has some issues for real.

    1. Me too. And to top it off, she lies all the time. She told so many lies in this interview. Especially about how the legal system works. She’s the worst.

  3. Excuses excuses excuses….she needs to be honest & just say she won’t get the police involved cause her tired a$$ don’t want her child full time….. if she was really worried about seeing her son she would force him to comply with the court order.

  4. If Fizz is not in compliance with the court order, when it is time for her to visit with/pick up her son, she should have the police meet her over there. If he doesn’t answer the door or refuse to hand over the child, the police will write a ticket. 3 tickets lands you back in court if the non-custodial parent follows through with this action and the judge will then either hold Fizz in contempt, fine him or he will do jail time for disobeying an order. If she is a fit parent, she will gain custody of the child. If he is kidnapping their son, if she calls the police and happens to be taken to jail the child will go into the system for a short period until (not long) and then she will get custody of the child. If she has papers stating she has custody, they will call her to pick the child up at the station or at the arresting location. She is lying! She wants to continue hanging out and doing things that has nothing to do with their son. I do think Fizz should follow the order and allow her to see their son. That is good for the child thats is if she isn’t harming him.

  5. Oh ok, I see what is going on. Moniece is an idiot so she thinks everyone else is. There is nothing worst than an ignorant person. Hopefully since she is not busy being a mom she is busy going to get some type…ANY type of education. I would never support any product line she comes out with because she would not use the profit to support her son…she had some very nice shoes that cost money but can not give her some FREE time.

  6. Excuses are like as* holes
    We all have one Moniece.
    Just woman up and stop trying to beat Amanda’s as* because she’s around your kid.
    Not say Amanda would make a good step mom because she won’t however Drew needs to stop trying to make a step mom out of someone EVERYONE KNOWS ANT READY.

  7. Why would the kid go into CPS if they have split custody??? Wouldnt the kid go to you! Haha she think she can tell the world bullsh-t like nobody else knows how this stuff works. She hAs no maternal instinct what so ever, this b-tch is a deadbeat a-s mom

  8. I love how everyone has an opinion on a family related situation they are not involved in . everyone needs to keep their backwards a-sed opinions to themselves. This is reality TV …do you actually really believe that what you watch once a week for 40 mins is A the complete story and B not slightly fabricated for better viewing. Use your common sense and stop judging lives of people you do not know. Especially when im sure yall lives are far from perfect.

    1. Oh please. You’re so transparent. You’re just mad people on here aren’t kissing Moniece’s bum a-s. And if the show was fake, only a trashy lowlife woman would agree to pretend to be a terrible mother. So log off, drink some green tea and have a nap. It should lower your blood pressure. Blog comments are opinions. Don’t like opinions? Well don’t read the comments. Bye.

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