Tameka Raymond Clears up the Rumors

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Kirk Frost claimed Tameka Raymond allegedly attacked a woman at a nightclub amid her separation from Usher, and Tameka is now addressing his comments and she had plenty of rumors to clean up.

On Kirk’s comments, Tameka tells VH1:

“I really don’t know him. Let me just clear that up. I don’t really know him. I was hoping that he was misquoted. I met him when I was married to my first husband. That part of it was correct. We met, like one time at the studio, my ex-husband and I went to visit their studio and you know outside of that, I’ve seen him out and it’s kind of like, “Hi and bye”. I don’t know him, I don’t know him, so that would be a misnomer. The other thing he said about me having a fight in the club…I never had a fight in a club. That’s not true.”


On her current custody agreement with Usher, she says:

“The only thing that has ever bothered me is comments about my children and about my custody arrangement with my kids. I do and have always shared joint custody with my ex-husband. It bothers me. I would hate for my kids to read that their mom doesn’t have custody and things like that. That burns me because that’s not true. My second ex-husband [Usher] has what they call “primary custody” which means that he ha can make tie-breaking decision in the decision making. Which means if we ever have a debate about something, he can make the final decision, like if we can’t agree on it. That’s all. That’s what we were fighting over for so long, that has been the source of the problem that he now has the final decision making power, but we share joint custody to this day. That never changed.”


When asked if their sons spend time with both parents, she answers:

“Exactly, that’s right. And they don’t come to me supervised, there’s no court guard here.”


Tameka also has some words for the people who claim she looks like a man:

“Well, let me say this. I’ve never seen or heard one attractive person say it, so that’s the irony. Every time a person says something like that, and I see it, it’s always some knock-kneed…

“I just think that hurt people hurt people, or at least they try to. That comment is so old, that was something that was used by a blogger many, many years ago and people just run with it. It’s kind of cliché, “let me diss her and say she looks like a man.” You know what I mean, I know what I look like honey, it’s far from a man. It is ironic that like I said, it’s always some hideous type person who says it and then the other thing is that, you just, it’s the same person who would see me in person and be like, “Oh my god, you are so beautiful, can I get a picture with you?” They just say it because like I said, it’s kind of a go-to comment. Yea, it’s just a go-to.”


  1. I don’t blame Tameka for clapping back at Kirk he needs to be worried about his own family issues it was weird and random of him. When LHH is off these LHH flunkies find any and everything to try to talk about to get in the headlines. But damn did she have to go in on knock knee people I’m knock knee sheesh.

    1. Lol…I’m knock kneed too sis….& I’m trynna figure out why she hating on knock knees…I hate to be mean but all I have to say is at least I can change my stand if I want to but she can’t change the fact she has a strong face.

  2. ‘…for the people who claim she looks like a man…’ That picture UB posted with this story did her no favors. #JustSaying

  3. I think the look like a man stuff bothers her because this is like the 30th time she’s said something about it.

  4. So she has a problem with folks saying she looks like Tyrone, but had no problem telling home girl that her vag might be stretched from all the men she slept with. Ok….hypocrite!

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