Lauryn Hill Checks a Fan

Photo Credit: Daigo Oliva
Photo Credit: Daigo Oliva

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Lauryn Hill gets lots of criticism for her behavior at her live shows, and most of the complaints are usually about her being late. Recently, one of Lauryn’s fans actually called her out about her tardiness, but she checked the fan and reminded them that they don’t have to come to her performances.

During a show at Brooklyn Bowl in London, she told the fan:

“I’m late because every day is a different day. Every day I’m dealing with different issues, and I still pull myself up to come do this performance. Some days it takes more than others, cause I’m not a machine, a robot.

“I appreciate consistency, and that’s why there’s never like a gun at your head at the ticket office or online to purchase a ticket. Everybody has a choice in the situation. I would never force anything on you; you can never force anything on me.

“Maybe this will be your last experience to see me live, and I’m OK with that… Life happens.”



Lauryn also thanked the fans who stayed for their patience.

Check out the video below:


  1. People have to understand that Lauryn is never going to be who she was when that album came out and slayed. She hates the industry and wouldn’t even perform if she didn’t need the money. It is what it is.

  2. It’s true that no one begged the fan to buy a ticket. But it’s the fans keeping her relevant. Being tardy is disrespectful to the person waiting – simple as that.

  3. If you’re still paying to see her in 2014, don’t be mad when she shows up late and acts like she doesn’t want to be there because honestly she doesn’t want to be there.

  4. The industry really did a number on her. The good thing is good music is timeless and it can withstand the behavior, experiences and poor decisions of the artist.

  5. Lauryn is often late, but she does respect her fans. Lauryn often stays late after her concerts greeting her fans and taking pictures with them. You do not have to be a vip for her to acknowledge you. If you look on instagram or twitter for #laurynhill or #mslaurynhill, you will see countless pictures of her with her fans.

    Lauryn has endured a lot, I am happy to see she is still standing.

  6. She allowed the industry to mess her up, along with a few men….smh. Sad to see such a talented light dimmed. Mis-education of Lauryn Hill probably one of the top ten albums ever made.

  7. I thought that it was a well-known FACT that Ms. Hill is ALWAYS late. Why are you going to a show with the expectation that she is going to be on time? That’s just not who she is. Yes….it is disrespectful to the fans that show up at the scheduled time. It is what it is. If you are still paying for a ticket to see her perform, just know that she is going to keep you waiting until SHE is ready. And I agree, this chick has been messed up mentally.

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