Usher Explains Why He’s on Better Terms with Tameka Raymond

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond is now officially a reality star thanks to her appearance on “Atlanta Exes,” but Usher admitted recently that he hasn’t managed to catch an episode. The R&B singer also revealed that he hopes Tameka will release his last name when he remarries, but Tameka took to her Twitter account to tell her followers that she didn’t think Usher was being nasty with his comments.

Interestingly enough, Usher revealed in a recent interview that he’s now on good terms with Tameka and it was the passing of her son Kile Glover that made that possible.

He tells Hot 97:

“Greater than just me and her, being able to focus on our kids–which is what the priority is and will be. The entire family together as a collective, had to get in place, so I’m really happy to see my mom be able to understand her role and maybe it become more clear, of why there was a departure through business to become more personal. Because I can have a million and one managers, I can only have one mom. They can only have one grandmom. The point is, it became more clear…”

Check out the video below:


  1. I’m glad they are on much better terms now. Kids need to see their parents getting along and co-parenting in a mature fashion.

  2. Well I’m glad their getting along. Usher look so good it’s ridiculous he hasn’t aged at all. Everytime I see Usher I feel a little sympathy for Tameka I would be bitter as hell to if I’m not screwing Usher anymore that would make anybody bitter lets just keep it real.

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