Jay Z Checks a Man for Trying Beyonce’s Bodyguard

Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Robin Harper/Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce and Jay Z have wrapped up their widely successful “On The Run” tour, so now the couple is vacationing in Paris with their adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

Of course there’s always going to be fans who want to get pictures and even video of the couple as they sightsee in Paris, but one particular man got a little bit disrespectful in his approach.

When Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius asked him to stop recording Jay Z and Beyonce walking around, the man responded in a rather snarky fashion by asking Julius who he was.

That’s when Jay Z clapped back and said:

“Who are you?”

He then gave the man the meanest mug possible. Check out the video below:


  1. I’m glad Jay Z checked his rude a-s. Some people get behind cameras and think they can be rude. He found the right one that day.

  2. I love how unbothered Bey was. She just kept right on taking her pictures and enjoying her tour. She’s numb to the haters at all times.

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