T.I. and Tiny Rumors Resurface

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago that it was being rumored that T.I. had gotten another woman pregnant despite being married to Tiny Harris, and for several months the couple’s marital issues played out on social media.

However, the couple claims they are back on good terms and they have worked through their issues.

Interestingly enough, the baby rumors are resurfacing again.

Blogger Funky Dineva writes:

Chile let me tell you something, you have got to be real careful where you at when you get to bumpin your damn gums and telling other peoples business. You just might be in the company of a bish that knows Miss Funky Dineva Ross. In this case, Precious’s a*s was! Chile, T.I. cousin, who y’all think is his sister, who I thought was his Mama, was just running her damn mouth unknowingly confirmed what we already knew, and what I had reported on long ago. Much to my surprise, I thought T.I. and Tiny were working things out and moving towards T.I. moving back into the house. Chile, according to Precious and the folks that overheard her talking, T.I. & Tiny are a wrap!

Real talk, I think that T.I. & Tiny are fully aware that “the whole Atlanta” (Marlo Hampton Voice) knows they are not together. It is my belief that T.I. & Tiny have chosen to conceal the status of their relationship in an effort to preserve the integrity of T.I. The Family Hustle (T.I.’s family themed reality show). I’m guessing that T.I. and the family signed a multi-year deal, and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of them fulfilling the deal and moreover interfering with the money. I ain’t mad with them. Why mess up the money because the relationship is messed up? Ain’t no need in taking two losses. For those of y’all that watch T.I. and The Family Hustle, have you noticed that we have not scene T.I. & Tiny appear together in a single scene? Trust me, that ain’t no coincidence.



Tiny responded to rumors of T.I. fathering a baby outside of the marriage, and her response didn’t help the rumors much.


  1. LOL @ this picture. Honestly I don’t know what’s going on with these two anymore. Sometimes I think they are just trying to get attention and other times I do think their marriage is on the rocks. Nowadays you can’t tell what’s real and what’s for some stupid reality show.

  2. That’s why I’ll never support T.I. and that fake-a-s reality show of his. I’ve been saying from day 1 that all the posing they’ve been doing, was strictly for the money. The f-ckery some folks do for a few coins! SMDH!!!!

  3. Well some people on here said they felt like their makeup was just for the show. I liked them together and want to them to work but Tip has been very disrespectful to Tiny. I don’t know how she handles it.

  4. This does sound believable but I don’t know what to believe anymore but the truth the will eventually come out.

  5. Who knows anymore? It’s been so many things speculated and reported. All I know is I would be surprised if tiny ever left him. She’s too loyal for her own good.

  6. The fact that these rumors pop up when their show comes back on makes me think these rumors are coming for them. Anybody know how the ratings are? Maybe the show is flopping and they push out these rumors to increase ratings.

  7. I would’t be surprised if they were still having problems but putting on a united force for their show. The whole reality show thing makes it hard for them to be transparent right now.

  8. If there is a baby, at some point he won’t be able to hide it from the public anymore. Let’s not forget how things played out for D wade and Ludacris.

  9. If he has a kid out here, the momma won’t hide for too long. She will eventually file for child support like they all do.

  10. I was wondering what happened with this side baby talk. Tiny is a good one if this is true. There’s no way I could ever tolerate this ratchetness but to each its own.

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