Tiny Addresses Fake Marriage Rumors

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you recently that some were starting to suspect T.I. and Tiny are only still together for the sake of their reality show, “The Family Hustle,” and the rumors suggesting T.I. had a baby outside the marriage have resurfaced too.

However, Tiny and her bestie Shekinah recently addressed the rumors and both claim the rumors are false.

Tiny tells Hip Hollywood:

“I just read that…talking bout we’re not really together…we’re just together for the show.”

Shekinah adds:

“That’s a lie. For all the world and everybody that’s watching this, I just want y’all to know something. T.I. is crazy about his girl. It ain’t no if, ands and buts. The men keep your eyes to yourself. She took. And to all the women who hating, he love, love, love his wife. I’m telling y’all this for the world. There’s no sugar. It’s no shade on it. It’s just the truth.

“We can’t help cause these thirsty women wanna throw they self up on people. But T.I. is grinding. He love his wife y’all. And I’m telling y’all that because it’s true. It’s all I ever seen out of the six and a half years I’ve been around them. He don’t play about lil mama.”

Check out the video below:


  1. Why is Shekinah always speaking for Tiny and their marriage? Is she married to TI? She’s not, so she has no idea how their marriage really is behind closed doors. But I understand they all have money to make from VH1 so they have to keep their image in tact.

    1. Honestly I’m over the whole thing. They’re playing coy like they weren’t on Instagram and all that acting a fool and spilling their own tea.

  2. Didn’t TI just shade Shekinah on IG a few months ago? They’re acting like the whole world didn’t just witness TI and Tiny’s marriage problems on IG/Twitter and that mess with Floyd Mayweather.

  3. I really want them to work but the rumors aren’t new. And they haven’t changed any which is why I can see why people are starting to believe them. I see she’s wearing her wedding ring though.

  4. STFU Shekinah! You’re making a name for yourself on the back of their marriage, and that tv show. Stop acting like your comments are about friendship only, boo boo!!!

  5. All of them stand to lose money if their marriage fails so I can see why they deny, deny, deny. I love their show though. Cute kids.

  6. Whatever happens in their marriage is their business, but they opened the door to these rumors because they fought on IG for the world to see.

  7. I mean I hope the rumors ain’t true. Tiny is loyal and doesn’t deserve to be cheated on nor the Gabby Union treatment. Outside babies are unacceptable.

  8. “she took” I cringed at that…but whatever we’ll see when Tiny files them divorce papers bc she’s had enough

  9. This sucks. It’s obvious they’re having problems, because there’s no way your schedules are so off that you’re filming multiple episodes without one another. It’s really unfortunate, because this was a great example of how a blended family works. I’m still hoping they are able to work this out.

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